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Don't be Mental

RJ Plant
in Science

What's the big deal with dreams and why is it so important we figure it out? Well, because when we dream, our brain is doing something. So, what if what it's doing is helping or hurting us? The scienc...

Dinner At Eight

Dr. Williams
in Culture

For some time now almost all of the food that we buy in grocery stores has been altered is some way or another. In other words, genetically altered or as they say GMO is the term used today. I for one...

Life: for Those Who are Swimming

Tezhara Reynolds
in Culture

I already know that this post will trigger some readers if not most, but it is a subject I've been pondering on for quite a while now. There are so many posts that I've seen on the internet that inclu...

Why You Should Be Nutritionally Flexible

Ann Musico
in Beauty

Tight muscles limit your range of motion and cause pain. If you work out regularly, you’re aware of the importance of stretching and keeping your muscles flexible. When muscles are pliable you avoid i...

Methods to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing in 10 Minutes

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Most of us have had moments in our lives where we really weren't doing well. In some cases, this may have even caused us to get sick or say something that we really didn't want to say. Stress and turm...

How To Do Chaturanga Pose Correctly

Annie Kiely
in Culture

Even if you're new to yoga, you've likely tried the Chaturanga Dandasana pose. It is a pose that can feel easy to master and work on, even when you are between classes or just working out. But, the Ch...

Do I Have Diabetes?

Travis Aaron
in Science

For most people, Diabetes can seem like a scary concept. You may be asking yourself what exactly is Diabetes and what can you do about it? During the course of this article series, I shall answer all ...

Smart, Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On the Go

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Eating healthy is something that most of us try to do, but fail at when time becomes an issue. Though it's not always the easiest thing for us to do, it's an investment that definitely pays off in man...

Things Emotionally Strong People Do

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

Ever meet someone who seems to be able to overcome any kind of drama with ease? It's hard to imagine how some people are able to cope with the curveballs they get thrown in life, but usually, it all c...

The Rule of Second Crappest

Jo Middleton
in Humor

I like to think that as a parent I have passed on a wealth of knowledge and experience, setting my children up to thrive as adults, make sound choices etc etc. In reality it’s likely that the only thi...

How Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Mental Health

Patrick Cooper
in Culture

Spring cleaning is so much more than just sweeping out your house. Spring is the season to try new things and declare new trends for the new year. However, more important that that, spring cleaning ca...