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Your Body's Kingdom: A Royal Invitation to Portion Control

How can you eat healthily and still eat what you want? The answer is simple: your body is a kingdom, and you need to extend a royal invitation to portion control!

Scroll Clip-art from Gallery Yopriceville and Portion Control Image from ElPozo Bienstar

"Clean your plate before you get dessert, Timothy!"

"Hurry up, and finish your breakfast, Allie; the bus is here!"

"You're going to bed without supper tonight, young man!"

Our upbringing affects us all in both negative and positive ways, and—let's face it—there are many of us whose dietary issues might be traced back to how we were raised.

Some of us scarfed down a mountainous pile of pancakes for breakfast because a clean plate meant a happy parent. Some of us were criticized or even teased to the point of overeating or refusing to eat at all. Some of us still had parents use withholding food as a disciplinary action. 

I'm not here to criticize parenting or to say they weren't doing their best. But, however our parents may have failed us, it is now our sole prerogative and responsibility to decide for ourselves how we move on and change for the better.

Whether you consider yourself overweight, trim, bony, chubby, or anorexic, there is a way for you to eat healthily and still enjoy life. In fact, we were all made to enjoy life while we live it! Think of your body as a kingdom: lush land in need of cultivating!

Fats and Sugars: The Noble-Baked

Royal Cake Image from LeasSugarFlowers

Now think of sugars and fats as your nobles, your rulers, your government, etc. Delightful and decadent as their company may be, you don't need a lot of them at one time; things will get overcrowded and unhealthy if you fill a room with kings all trying to rule the same kingdom! As your body works through energy, the years drift rapidly by in your kingdom, making room for new rulers and nobles.

Fruit and Vegetables: An apple a day invites the doctor to stay!

Fruit and vegetables. Oh, boy, half of you probably smiled at those words while the other half groaned audibly. Back to childhood: "Eat your green vegetables!" 

Fruit and vegetables aren't always the most popular, but they are incredibly effective at monitoring and maintaining your kingdom's general health. Think of these guys as your kingdom's physicians/nurses, teachers, preachers/religious leaders: anyone who helps your kingdom stay healthier. In many kingdoms, they are terribly understaffed because people don't want to eat a salad alongside their steak, or an apple is just too much of a hassle. Similarly, not many people like having to go to the doctor! Nonetheless, even as these citizens are looked down upon, they work hard to keep your kingdom healthy and happy.

Image from DreamsTime

So how do we get ourselves to enjoy such dull contributors? We teach them to dress up for the party; there's nothing wrong with a little embellishment! Cheese dip, dressings, cool whip, etc. 

As we mentioned before, the nobles are good for the kingdom in moderation, and one of their strengths is making everyone else look good! Your fats and sugars can lend a hand to your fruits and vegetables, teaching them how to charm the kingdom into accepting their contributions! It's hard to eat too many fruits or vegetables, just as it would be difficult to over-staff a school or a hospital.

Fibers and Grains: The Working Class

Image from Country Guide

Now, what of fibers and grains? These are the sturdy, hardworking civilians of your kingdom: the farmers, bakers, candlestick makers (okay, not really on the last one). They are the backbone of the kingdom: those willing to do the hard work to keep the machine well-oiled. 

Image from DreamsTime

Fibers and grains are robust and filling, often also boring without embellishment, but a kingdom never feels empty as long as these citizens are there to fill you up and work the land! Eat as many as you can! Such a hearty meal will fill you up quickly, and you want to fill up on these hard workers!

Protein: Military and Structural Reinforcements

Image from Haiku Deck

Protein. These guys are a bit more popular: meats, eggs, legumes... They know how to look good for the kingdom and secure its borders with confidence and resolve. Their work never goes unseen because they build and protect the kingdom: your blood, skin, bones, etc. 

They maintain and upgrade your walls, giving you strength and enthusiasm for your daily activities. They're the military, the architects, the builders, the blacksmiths and carpenters: the muscle of your kingdom. Eat proteins in accordance with how much military and architectural reinforcement your kingdom requests. They may not find themselves as abundantly occupied with the health of your kingdom, but once a day at least is a pretty good practice, checking up on the structural and militant integrity of your walls.

Water: A Natural Spring of Nutrients

Image from Return to Now

Water. The very word is magical in your kingdom. A large percent of your kingdom is water, and so it must stay to remain clean and cultivated. Your farms need rain; your people need hygiene and drink. While water can't be a kingdom by itself, it is difficult to overdo it on water in an already nutritiously diverse kingdom! Water keeps you cleansed and the land of your kingdom lush!

Don't invite Lord Diet!

Image from Embroidery Library

Rather than inviting Lord Diet to your court, open the door for Sir Portion Control instead! The more diverse and balanced your party, the healthier and contentedly filled your kingdom will feel! Eat what you want when you want; just learn a little bit of self-control.

As a wise man once said, "It's not the celebration, but the habit that you need to watch out for!" (My dad said it. ^_^)

Your Quest, Should You Choose to Accept It...

GIF from NBC's Parks and Recreation

Let your eating signify who you're inviting to your kingdom...

Sugars and Fats: The Nobles (They're charming and effective at what they do, but don't let too many of them use their sugarcoated words to negotiate a free invitation into your kingdom!)

Fruits and Vegetables: Physicians and Teachers (Most kingdoms are terribly understaffed in these fields, so eat all you can!)

Fibers and Grains: The Down-to-Earth Working Class (Your kingdom can always use more farmers, bakers, etc., so constantly fill up on the working class!)

Proteins: Military and Architects (To eat protein is to reinforce the military and walls of your kingdom. Enjoy your proteins, but know a kingdom can't be built solely on a population of military!)

Water: A Magical, Cleansing Spring (Drink water as much as possible to keep your kingdom clean and lush!) 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was informative or at least entertaining!

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Your Body's Kingdom: A Royal Invitation to Portion Control
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