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Yoga Style

My First Time

On the last weekend of October my two good friends and I will go to a yoga seminar in the heart of Plaza St-Hubert in Montreal. For me this will be a first, but my friends practice yoga on a regular basis. I don't know why so many people practice this sport. I hope to find out soon.

I've been interested in this sport for a long time, if you call it that, without ever really having had the opportunity to test it. Yoga is a physical activity that seems difficult to me. Several confirm that it is really suitable for everyone. That's why I'll try everything for the whole thing during a day of yoga.

You don't need a lot of extra equipment; soft clothes, training mats, water bottle and an open mind. All sports offer the opportunity to recharge your batteries physically and mentally.

For many years, I practiced boxing, another sport unknown to everyone that gives the impression of being only for those who have a rage in them and a desire to fight.

I assure you that if this is your idea, then you have it all wrong! Boxing training has something liberating about it. It all starts with a serious and arduous workout consisting of sit-ups, dancing rope, running, training bag, punching bag, weight training. Before coming to fists, we must know how to control our body and soul. Know how to move and be able to anticipate everything that could happen. Boxing requires concentration and precision. Always have a guard to protect yourself, a sharp eye able to spot all the details and stealthy movements of your opponent.

I stopped boxing when my son came along. Afterwards, fatigue and back pain demotivated me a little bit, but I plan to pick up where I left off and maybe even my children would like to do it with me.

So that's it. For now boxing is history. I have to find a sport that makes me feel good mentally and physically. I've tried several things. The gym's where I did all kinds of programs with or without a coach. Swimming or aqua fitness wasn't really for me. I wanted to try running but I don't know why, but when I run without a goal I feel like I'm wasting my time. No matter how much I fill my ears with my best musical pieces, I always end up asking myself thousands of questions and I return to my starting point without reaching my primary goal.

That's why this month I'll try yoga. I know little about it. Like all novices, I know the position of the fetus and the cat. I will not hide from anyone that I am looking for an activity that will allow me to lose weight and at first sight, I wonder if yoga will help me. It would seem so, because there are several levels of difficulty in yoga. Yoga means the union of body and mind. It teaches us to live in the present moment. Just like boxing did. Yoga is a different practice, but it helps us to unite all the facets of our body, our emotions, and our spirituality. But above all, it allows us to stop time and stop our thinking while we recharge our batteries. That's what I need. I want above all to be able to stop thinking and just to breathe out in defiance of time... Yoga practice also allows the body to stretch and soften. It allows for greater strength and balance while promoting posture.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you and telling you if I plan to continue this new practice. Learn to breathe well!

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Yoga Style
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