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Yoga is everywhere these days. We see commercials, ads on TV and social and monthly subscription boxes for clothing and accessories. However, many of you, like me, are too busy, nervous, or uncomfortable to try this ancient form of self-healing and exercise. We are surrounded by pictures and models that don't fit our physique, or flexibility; we see these people and honestly, we scoff or cringe, or both! Of course, we want to wear our leggings, athletic shoes, sports bras and insanely cute high buns, but we don't really know where to go from there. How do we get started? I'm going to answer this question and a myriad of others that I had before I started my journey with yoga.

How to Get Started

Trust me, yoga is not about seeing how far you can stretch your leg or if you can become a human pretzel, at least, not at first. In the beginning, you must ask yourself what are you wanting to gain from this experience/ experiment? Are you truly going to commit to the wholesomeness of this practice? You will not learn if you simply do a few poses and "look" the part. Yoga is taking the world in, evaluating it, processing it, releasing it, and then appreciating it. You do NOT have to go out to the nearest sporting goods store and purchase DVDS, water bottles, incense burners and incense, essential oils, yoga pants, or any other cliche you may be thinking about. The point is to be comfortable; if you are comfortable joining a high-end yoga studio because you will not feel intimidated, then go ahead. If you would prefer to be outside amongst nature, you know, the trees, wind, bugs, heat, and sweat, that is perfectly fine too. I prefer to practice yoga in my home. Nobody is looking at me with judgmental eyes and I can control the temperature. This is your yoga practice, and a new beginning to your well-being. So, YOU decide! 

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What about the rest of my life?

Now we have figured out WHERE we want to practice yoga. Let's get to the more important questions like, how am I going to find the time to even start? If you are anything like me, we have kids, school, pets, friends, family, relationship, holidays, vacation, medical issues, bills, cleaning, cooking, and work! You do not have to be on a schedule. If you can commit to three days a week, that is a start. You do not have to practice for two hours a day every day. Some days you may only get five minutes, in the car, on your way to work. The point is consistency and effort. You can even start with five minute sessions daily; once you realize the importance and beauty in this practice, you will make more time to continue your journey. However, in the beginning start small. Carve out a time that works best for you! This can be in the morning, afternoon, or late at night. 

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How to Become a Yoga Goddess

Honestly, we already are goddesses. We are individually unique and beautiful. We have chosen a place, and time to practice yoga. Let's get down to bottom line. You might feel awkward in the early stages of learning this practice. Please do not give up if you do not see results instantly or feel them either. Many people seem to think yoga promises a stress-free life and this is certainly not true. Yoga teaches you to breathe deeply and relax your body to bring oxygen to areas that desperately need it and to train your mind to let things go. Yes, let it go. Are you mad at your boyfriend because he liked a hot girl's picture on Instagram and now you are doubting your self-worth? Breathe, let it go! Are you stressed because Jill has gymnastics, Jack has karate and Cody has soccer, on the same days, and pretty much the same time and you barely got off of work in time to grab a snack and even make it to pick them up from school? Breathe, let it go! Have you listened to your mother bicker and criticize your parenting style the entire time you were supposed to be enjoying a nice lunch date? Breathe, let it go! We seem to carry all of life's inconveniences heavily upon our shoulders instead of dealing with them and healing from them. At the bottom, I am going to leave a beginner pose to start your journey. Enjoy this life you were given, love those around you, and remember to always breathe.


Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will gladly respond.

Mountain Pose

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