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Yes, It Is Hard but You Can Do It

Staying focused on your fitness goals is not going to be easy.

Hello friends, fans, and family,

How are you doing today? Are you staying motivated? Are you staying focused on your fitness goals? Yes, it is going to be hard and if you are already working out then you know it is hard to do. It is not easy saying no to your friends, telling a close friend that you don't want to hang out with them because while y'all are hanging out you all consume too much alcohol, unhealthy foods, and/or sweets. Every once and a while is not bad, right? The problem with that is you will put pressure on yourself to hang out with them, "like old times," and that will kill your workout efforts because you can't consume that amount of unhealthy foods and/or alcohol and get to the fitness level that you want. Your real friends will understand and support you in your decision. However, this fitness effort will change your life. So, that is why I say it is a life style change and you may lose some friends in the process because you are trying to get to a better fitness level. Even though this effort has nothing to do with them, they may see it as a personal attack because you are trying to better yourself and because you can't hang out as much. There is nothing wrong with preparation and setting goals for yourself. Do your research and know what exercises to do to get to the fitness level that you want to achieve.

There's a free app that you can use to aid you in your efforts in achieving your fitness goals. I think that most people know about this free app, but I am going to mention it anyway; it is My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal has been around for years now and it is an awesome resource to help you in your fitness endeavors. My Fitness Pal can help you by tacking your food intake and now you can even add in your exercises as well. Once you register and log in you can add in your food intake, exercises, as well as a blog. There is a community section where you can introduce yourself and talk about your goals as well. You can invite friends and join/form groups to help you.

Make fitness a part of your everyday routine, not a chore that you have to do for a short period of time. When you look at something as a chore or something that you begrudgingly do causes you to not want to do it and eventually you will stop doing it. Your state of mind is just as important as planning and sticking to it. Once you get your mind set and focused on your fitness goals it will be easier to achieve your goals. So, look at your new fitness goals as a good thing and something that you can do. Once you see yourself doing it and achieving it you will be able to achieve it. Your mind set is very important in achieving your goals. This is no different for fitness goals; having a positive and focused mind is extremely beneficial. Your weekly and daily objectives should progress toward you achieving your overall fitness goals.  

Diets, in general, have a bad reputation. When most people hear diet they think about something that is a pain to do, and something that does not work, as well as something that does not last long. Not all diet promoters are good; some promoters of different diets are not totally truthful about there diets. They would say or give you, the dieter, a false idea of what there diet can do. Dieting is not easy and if you get an idea that you don't have to workout and/or in take healthy foods, this idea can cause you to lose focus and give you wrong information. But once you realize this and know that once you get your mind right and into a routine, that is going to make it easy for you to lose weight and make gains or get cuts. All of these goals uses different types of "diets" to gain the objectives of what the person wants in fitness. So, diets in themselves are a tool that the person uses to get to a specific fitness level. I choose to call it a life style change because of the changes that you are going to have to make in your life. In the attached YouTube video, I talk about different ways that you can stay motivated and keep yourself focused. It is going to take a conscious effort on your part to stay focused on your fitness goals and celebrate your small achievements.   

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Yes, It Is Hard but You Can Do It
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