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Preview to My Plan for the Year

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I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. To me, they just seem like they were made to be broken. With that being said, I have decided to really try and commit to bettering myself in the year to come. I am doing this in multiple facets of my life and one of them is through physical fitness and all around healthiness. 

My Goals:

The first part of my betterment is to actually stick to a plan. I'm definitely famous for starting a new diet or a new activity and thinking "I'm going to stick with it this time" only to quit after a couple of weeks. My first goal is to not have that happen this go around.

I wasn't super thrilled with the way I looked before I got pregnant and having just had a baby, I'm definitely not happy now (with my body... I love my son!). I was 140 when I got pregnant and my post pregnancy weight is 173. My second goal in bettering myself this year is to at least get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. After that, I would like to get to 110. If I can achieve my goal weights before the end of the year I would like to focus on toning my body. 

While I will be doing full body workouts, there are still specific areas I would like to improve. My first area is, believe it or not, my arms. My arms bother me more than my stomach or any other part of my body does. I feel like if I can get my arm fat to go away and get them toned up a bit, I'll be able to fit my jackets easier. I also have a tattoo that I've wanted for about three years that I want to place on my forearm but have been too self conscious to do. After my arms, of course, is my stomach. Following my stomach are my thighs. I have other areas that bother me as well but those are the three I'd like to focus on. 

How I Am Going to Do It:

One of the ways I have decided to help myself stick with it is by having people to hold me accountable. I was struggling to find a way to keep people in the loop with this and I believe this is the best method I've found. I have to give credit to another vocal writer, Robert G, for the idea. (https://longevity.media/monday-12-18-17)  

I will be adding a post at the beginning of each month detailing what my workout plan is and why I chose it. With each month, I will also be adding in a "healthy lifestyle act." These healthy lifestyle bits will be cumulative too so eventually, at the end of the year, I won't just have been working out. The goal is to make healthy changes all around that are long-lasting. I will also be adding updates throughout the month on how my workout is going and how I've modified it if applicable. With my beginning of the month posts, I will address what my specific goals from that workout are. I will also be including pictures in my update posts to see and track my progress.

What You Can Do:

With my beginning of the month posts. I will be outlining my workouts so they will be easy to follow. Feel free to work out with me and let me know what your results are! If you would like to join me on my journey, help keep me accountable, or just follow my weight loss progress, please let me know. With your permission, I will add you to either a text list or email list (or both) for whenever I add a new post. If you have any workouts you especially love or any tips for me along the way, message me and let me know!

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