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Workings of a White-Ish Witch

Yule-Time Activities to Get the Chakras Shaking.


In society today, we often feel dissatisfied with the mundane endeavours of working, maintaining a social life and everything in-between—and so, we could all benefit from a bit of spiritual spice from time to time, or every day, if you're into that kinda shit. 

Many people believe that the nights of Yule hold extra magick in the air. Side note: Magick and magic largely mean the same thing, however there are several reasons why people use the spelling "magick," ranging from the differentiation between metaphysical practice and stage magic to the numerical influences of six letter words and the letter K... So, for the sake of nit-picking witches everywhere I'll use the spelling "magick" from now on. Anyway, Yule-Time is associated with winter and refers to the days and weeks surrounding the 21st of December, or 21st of June if you live in the southern hemisphere, and is the day that inspired Christmas... I don't fancy getting into a christian vs witchcraft debate about which came first, however Yule predates Christianity, and Jesus wasn't actually born on the 25th of December—whip out a Ouija board if you don't believe me, alternatively, you can ask google. So, during the cold nights, there is so much spiritual fun to be had. Whether you're cleansing crystals, getting intoxicated or delving into the inner-most workings of your soul, the witchy activities are endless. 

Traditionally, the winter solstice is celebrated to welcome the light half of the year—as the sun begins to stay out just a little bit longer every night from now. With this, some people like to burn yule logs (actual logs, not the cake) with their wishes engraved into the bark, craft workings for peace, worship various gods of the sun and so on. Nowadays, these practices still flourish, but the energies of Yule can be harnessed for so much more. As I enjoy working with the cycles of nature, winter is known as a time of quiet, rest, death and eventually rebirth. In terms of witchcraft, I'm not advising you to hex that bitch you dislike so that she dies. I am referring to the death of things which no longer serve you. For example, I recently crafted a working to transform some of my negative qualities into their positive counter-parts. Death of negative—rebirth of positive. With this in mind, you can perform workings to deal with any aspects of your life you're unhappy with and transform them into something beneficial. 

Yule and drunken silliness go together like bread and butter, so why not make your own mulled-wine potion... There is no better excuse for getting a bit merry than "It's for my own spiritual progression." If you really don't know how to make mulled-wine, firstly—grow up, secondly, check the internet. While you're preparing your ingredients, think about what you want to draw into your life over the next year, and gather herbs you can incorporate into your wine to achieve this. Alternatively, you could gather herbs to bring happiness into the lives of whoever you're sharing your wine-potion with; we all know wine is the only happiness we need, however. While the wine is heating, charge your intent into the concoction, mentally visualising what you're hoping to bring into your life, and speak some sort of affirmation as you stir. An interesting article I was reading recently noted that when making any beverage that involves stirring (tea, coffee, whatever) the spoon acts as an extension of your arm, and so you can pass your energies through this medium to infuse your drink with whatever intentions you desire. As I've mentioned before, don't get silly and start charging your guests refreshments with acne and hair loss, unless you want to be gross and spotty for the next few months/years... Best not to test the universe in these ways.

As Yule is a time for introspective investigation, now is a perfect time to develop meditation skills. While your body is attuned to the slumbering Yule-Time vibes, you can much more easily delve into the workings of your mind, and investigate which areas of your psyche that need attention. Your body has a lot of ways of telling you when something isn't right, but we often overlook these signs. Through meditation you can strongly evaluate what is going on inside. At worst, you'll discover things about yourself which you've always ignored, at best you could be inspired to start playing that instrument you've always wanted to learn, or change career paths etc. Meditation and Yule-Time go hand in hand, whether you want to discover your soul purpose, or just have some chill-time, meditate, meditate, meditate. 

Cleansing is an all year-round activity for your crystals, altars, sacred spaces etc. That said, during the winter months it is a good time to shed our skin and set goals for the coming year. During this time, especially amid December, as the sun sits in sagittarius, we are encouraged to develop independence, and find that we need to spend time away from social settings, and more time understanding our own personal needs. Taking a cleansing bath with herbs such as; lavender, sage and rosemary, with a sprinkling of sea salt, while a white sage incense/smudge-stick burns, is a super celestial way to rid yourself of bad vibes, and that bitch attitude you want to leave in 2017. During this time, you might choose to make your own smudge-stick, with any herbs associated with your new year goals. 

Whether you're opting for a traditional Yule or a more modern-day festivity, remember to have fun, enjoy the many energies that are floating about and give out as much love as you hope to receive. Bright blessings bitches.