Why You Don't Want to Diet

Diets are not the answer, look for change.

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Most people who are looking to lose weight try to find a diet to help them do so. The problem with most diets is that they have quick results, but then you plateau. After plateauing, most give up and then gain the weight back. There are some people who do find a diet that works for them and keep the weight off but that is a very small percentage per diet. Why is this?

As a student of Nutrition and Exercise Science, what I have discovered is that most people don't look for what they need on an individual base. Most people look for something that worked for someone else, but since we are all different it normally doesn't work. Nutrition and even exercise need to be treated on an individual base, not the masses. What we should be looking for is a change, a lifestyle change, not a diet. Most diets are designed for quick results and can't be maintained for long periods of time. By making a lifestyle change, we can maintain the change for a longer period.

What is a lifestyle change? Changing the habits of what we do on a daily basis to form new habits to benefit ourselves.

 Making these changes is not easy at all but with dedication, hard work, desire, and a will to better yourself it can be done. As someone who is a student of nutrition and exercise science, it is best to do these changes with the help of a coach knowledgeable in these areas. Finding your own body needs can be tough. You have to pay attention to small cues that indicate if you have an adverse reaction to a food or combination of foods. For example, lactose intolerance can take many forms but a common sign that you are is phlegm build up once dairy is consumed. Paying attention to these small things can truly make a difference and by lessening our exposure to substances that cause our immune system to flare means our bodies will be healthier.

Another thing to remember when making these changes is to cut out anything artificial. I know too many people who don't either know what artificial ingredients do or just don't care because what they are consuming says "0" calories because it is full of artificial ingredients. Here is the thing about artificial foods. Our body doesn't know what to do with those ingredients because they are not natural and not made to be processed by our body. What happens with artificial ingredients is usually one of two things. Toxins will build up in our body overloading our liver, kidneys, and other systems that flush out toxins. The other thing that happens is our body will store it as fat and not just any fat but "hard fat." If the fat around your stomach is hard and firm to the touch it is a worse kind of fat to have and harder to lose then a soft fat. Most people who have a hard belly over consume artificial ingredients in large quantities; usually drinks but even foods can lead to the same result.

Aim to rely on whole foods. I'm not going to say organic, but buy fresh food and make your own meals. Yes, the convenience of eating out is appealing but all the extra crap that most restaurants put in their food adds to our body being worn down with too much toxin and exposure lowering our immune system. Sure maybe once a month go on a date night with your friends or significant other but mainly eat at home with foods you prepare. The more you eat of what you make means you know what you are putting in your body which means you can help maintain a healthier weight and make your body overall healthier.

I hope this article does help those looking for some idea of what to look for when trying to change their "Diet" to something that will help them in the long run for weight loss and help. Make a lifestyle change that makes your body happy and function better, don't follow a fad diet that only works for a small percentage of people.

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Why You Don't Want to Diet
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