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Why People with Disabilities Are Vulnerable to Abuse

Nobody Thinks About this Stuff Often Enough

People with a disability are vulnerable to abuse on the street, in the workplace, and at home from their own families. This is why I want to start a domestic violence shelter that serves disabled people or those with chronic illness. We get marginalized, we get screwed over, and we get taken less seriously than our able-bodied counterparts. Healthcare is not yet free for everybody else, only if you do not have the money to pay for it. Everybody is on one plan or another as health insurance’s mandatory purchase was eliminated, which was something I disagreed with. Making it mandatory would not motivate people into buying it, in particular with a financial penalization.

We need to start an organization that will help disabled people get jobs. If we have a higher success rate getting people hired, then we can make sure that this is known. We need a staff attorney because we have to make sure to fight the discrimination they get. This attorney has to have a family member with a disability or perhaps have a disability themselves as my entire staff needs to have a chronic illness or disability. I’m not hiring non-disabled people, period.

People with disabilities are vulnerable to not having health care as well. This happens when you make money and get off social security sometimes. If you make significant income, you have made enough money to survive and pay for healthcare for yourself. The preposterous situation we find ourselves in as Americans is ridiculous. Nobody should have to take out a second mortgage on a house just to pay for medical care if they get cancer. Nobody thinks about this stuff often enough. Yet the Republicans are busy trying to reinstall the pre-existing condition clause, which was one of the biggest changes the Obama administration made to healthcare in the United States.

Paying out of pocket for healthcare is quite stressful. Having a job is also stressful if people pick on you because you have a disability. Nobody needs to be picked on at work for something they cannot control the reality of any more than their height. I had somebody at my job training school pick on me for my height, a factor about myself that I cannot control. I’m going to just waltz in one day and demand financial reparations to teach them that bullying me is unacceptable. They haven’t found the bully yet but I will have to ask for compensation.

Any disabled person is scared of being without healthcare. The other big change was that we can buy health insurance without having a job or breaking the bank. Disabled people are vulnerable to abuse on many levels because we have a disability. Some fascists would rather we not participate in society. Some of them want us to be institutionalized. The Nazis of yore wanted to round us up to purge society of the threat we posed. To some conservatives, we still pose a huge threat. To the far-right who would like to make sure we do not participate in society, we pose an even bigger threat. This is simply how some of them think.

Chronically ill people are seen as taking up too many resources. They eventually get made to feel guilty for having an illness. Being ill means that you have to scramble to make sure you don’t go bankrupt. Getting better is a blessing but has to be done without being broke. Sick people put up with their illness enough times. Their partner is conditioned by their society to eventually want to leave if they are busy taking care of their ill loved one. Anyway, yes, healthcare is a difficult subject to talk about because we need to talk about it more. 

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Why People with Disabilities Are Vulnerable to Abuse
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