Why I Want to Live to Be 120

Miracles may happen.

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Longevity is influenced by lifestyle. If you don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t expose yourself to drugs or harsh chemicals, you might just live until old age or beyond. The United States has a very obvious income gap between rich and poor. Money may help the rich live longer if they can afford medical care while poor people stay stuck on welfare or disability, not to mention the extreme stress that having a low income can produce. Also, in order to be long-lived, you have to be able to stand up for yourself as well as the next person as a survival tactic.

Losing weight can also be a factor that increases your life expectancy, in particular if you are obese and on the verge of pre-diabetes. Exercising your mind decreases the chances of dementia, while the less educated are more at risk for such illnesses. Doing many Sudoko or crossword puzzles can help people use their brains so that the brain doesn’t become lazy and unable to function for tasks requiring intellect. Having a healthy diet does a lot to make people live a bit longer as well. Not smoking can protect your lungs from lung cancer. Eating too much meat can also reduce your lifespan.

If you eat less meat and your diet is at least one-third meat, then you manage to increase your life expectancy since nothing should be done in excess. Eating a high protein plant-based diet can help longevity, although meat can be eaten in small quantities as well. Aging can affect the body’s ability to process anything protein anyway, so eating fewer calories might help aging be less harsh for some of us. But the thing is, calorie restriction in excess can be bad for you, too. A rule for longevity is to do everything in moderation. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables can be detrimental to your longevity habit. If you want to live longer, eat a healthy diet, which is the bottom line for keeping you alive.

I plan on being around until 120. I use insulin to stay alive, as I take medication for my schizophrenia, and bipolar 1. I also have OCD but that is under control with meds although I need a therapist still. I want to live as long as possible to see what happens to the human race. One trick to longevity is to stay in the present, I might add. Medication does work in keeping my mental health under control. I try to eat a healthy diet by mostly eating at home and staying away from fast food. Living a long time is possible if you take care of yourself well.

I want to see what happens to this planet. If we destroy ourselves, sure; if we live to fight another day. I want to see if we can have a future without war. I want to work to build a better future for this planet. I would like to think about and write about ways to deal with plastic pollution in our oceans. Every ocean has a gyre made up of plastic pieces. I really want to see what happens. What will the future be like? The only way to deal with it is to stay alive. I want to see the future, to be a part of it. I mean, everybody I know will be dead by then except a friend of mine who wants to attempt to freeze herself so that she can be healed of her illnesses in the future, in order to live a better quality of life. She’ll still be around. We can hang out. 

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