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Why Do I Need Arbonne?

To Inspire a Healthy, Happy Life

New Product Line-Up for 2018

You really don't need Arbonne. You don't really need a car either but 88 percent percent of us will not function without one.

You don't need Arbonne, you need to live a healthier and happier life, and Arbonne is just the vehicle to get you there! 

In the past, myself and my family have struggled with our health and wellness over many a point in time. From weight gain, to gut health, to mental health, to allergic reactions, and there was never any explanation... until the door to Arbonne opened. 

So many of us don't realize what the western diet is doing to our bodies, even though 70 percent of it is processed! Refined sugars, meat, dairy, and grains are all chock full of hormones, antibiotics, and fillers–I'm talking known carcinogens. Let alone the heavy toxins we use in our skin/hair care, and makeup products. These products are allowed to be filled with toxic chemicals that DO NOT energize and sustain our natural bodies, but rather clog them up. 

Imagine you are running yourself a nice warm bath, and you step out of the bathroom, just for a moment, but when you return the tub has overflown as the drain has become clogged. Immediately you grab a mop and start to clean up the mess... but the problem is not the water all over the floor. Now that bathtub is your body, the water being a consistent toxin dump put into your body. If we don't clear out the clog in the drain, all we will be doing is postponing the inevitable overflow of toxins once more!

Society's brilliant response is similar to grabbing that mop–more exercise and counting those calories, which causes the plateau or rubber band effect in so many people.  

For 39 years Arbonne has had one main focus: Pure, safe, beneficial products for YOU! The goal is to get you to live healthier and happier than before, with a full range of products to support your Mind, Body, and Soul toxin free.

Not to mention anything you get will have The Arbonne Advantage, meaning...

  • Clean, scientifically tested formulas!
  • Non-GMO ingredients!
  • Botanically based ingredients in every bottle!
  • Certified cruelty-free products tested on babes only!
  • Certified clinically tested gluten-free formulas!
  • (Also free shipping and major discounting for clients or consultants!) 

30 Days to Healthy Living

Yes they have a 30 day cleanse that will flush all of those toxins out of your body with a day by day schedule to keep you accountable, and a consultant (moi) to support you. Please, do not think of this as a diet. This is a guide to healthy living! You will learn how to eat clean, whole foods to increase your nutrients, which foods to avoid, and how to balance your body in terms of blood sugar, PH, and... cravings! You get set with a month supply of shakes, energy fizz sticks, daily greens, and more so you don't have to be hangry either.


Hands down my favorite line by Arbonne is Phytosport, carrying a pre-, during, and post-workout supplement! Prepare and Endure, gives me the energy I need to push through my workouts, Complete Hydration because duh, and the After-Workout to make sure I can walk the next day, and that my muscles have the nourishment they need to recover! The most amazing part for me was that they don't taste like chemicals... like at all. I usually will feel a tingle on my lips and nausea while drinking, and well into my workout, but with PhytoSport I feel like a goddess flying through! 


Calm is my go to skincare line by Arbonne, though they do also have a killer #1 anti-aging skincare line, i'm not there yet. I have very sensitive skin prone to eczema–especially on my face, and Calm felt as invasive as water! Complete with a cleanser, facial serum, moisturizer, AND eye cream, did more than water I promise you. My skin felt rejuvenated and smooth, my usual half oily, half dry face was no more, and it was glowing!

Those are just my top 3! I encourage you to take a look at what they have, because they have something for everyone, and the path to change starts with a small shift. Switch up JUST your toothpaste and deodorant if you are a skeptic, and watch the inspiration for healthy living grow your life.

Why do you need Arbonne? For YOU, the future healthier happier you.

It's a dirty world, why leave it to chance?

Shop Now, 20-30% OFF Limited Time!

Make sure to use my name when you make the switch to a healthier you! 

Alika Kuzikesa 💋👏

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Why Do I Need Arbonne?
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