Vegan: Diet or Lifestyle?

How did it start?

N a t u r e

I was always a good eater. I mean when my mum used to cook for us I would be always eat everything that's on my plate regardless if I was full already or not.

Anyway, it was back then when I didn't have clue about nutrition and a healthy diet. I don't mean here that my mum cooked unhelpful food but I didn't actually think of any of that which contributes to our health.

In the meantime I went to studying away from my home so I was on my own learning how to feed myself with some food and how to shop to make sure I will make it through the month.

That was as a hard part of living on my own but it taught me how to be responsible. I started realizing that buying food in the local canteen is easy but it's not the way of healthy eating. I would have some ready made food or take away but I would always try to cook (obviously if I had enough time).

It was back then but it wasn't anything which made me choose the right path in terms of healthy eating.

I decided to move to the UK to live my life somewhere else and develop my health and fitness career and this is how it started.

Before I got into fitness I went through some different experiences. In the meantime I started noticing some issues with my skin. Oh ... sorry I forgot to mention about it earlier, but I was having some eczema symptoms when I was a teenager and I got prescribed some steroid cream to fix it. Well this is what I was told by the allergist.

Anyway I found a job in the UK (I think that was a second job). I was a waiter at an Italian Restaurant. I loved it as it was so busy (the restaurant located nearby the Selfridges at Oxford Street). It was crazy on some days, but I loved it. I was never hungry there and you can guess why...

Everything available, no washing up, no cooking, wow you will enjoy it too! It would be definitely ok for someone with a strong digestive system which I thought that I had one. I lost my control of eating healthy or maybe I just didn't care what I put into my mouth at what time. There were days I would have some pasta for instance and not long after I would just stuff my mouth with some ice-cream or any dessert as it was just so easy to look into the fridge. That's not the end of the story. I would also have some spirits with mixers later on just to keep my mood up and I would finish my evening shift eating some pizza or pasta or anything that the kitchen would do for me.  

Italian Food Porn

It looks delicious but .... 

After whole day of working hard but eating too much I would grab one beer and drink it with my colleague before we go home.

I was always slim although I have been exercising since going to college therefore I thought I am 100% healthy and I provide to my body enough nutrients plus look at me! I eat a lot and exercise so there is no way I'm unhealthy.

Well if it wasn’t for my skin issues which started getting worse I would be definitely carry on doing what I was doing. Please don't get me wrong. I've been always avoiding fast foods, processed meals, junk food etcetera. Once for a while yes, why not... But let's talk more about how I found my lifestyle bad.

So you know already I had some skin issues. Right. I'm gonna stop here for a minute to explain about what was happening with me at that moment. My magic cream/ointment stopped working at some point so I started considering quitting it for good. Why would I put some steroids on my skin if they don't even help any longer? I did my research online and found the blog where this lady talked about her boyfriend who quit topical steroids. I got shocked by seeing some pictures of him. It was like oh my God! Is it going to be me? I started digging more and I got in touch with her and then she invited me to a Facebook Group where people suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I've never heard of anything like this before.

I started my process of not using steroid ointments and while suffering from the awful symptoms I started looking into my diet. I became VEGETARIAN for 6 months and after that one of my TSW supporters recommended to me a VEGAN diet. 


Who could believe that? 

Exactly, who could believe it? Considering yourself as a person who always wanted to put on lean weight as the exercising was everything. At University and earlier at school they taught us that you get protein from meats and the best source is one coming from meat. I was always a meat person who could have all 3 main meals with meat. Crazy! Why do we need meat to get protein? It takes several hours to digest it and a bit plus some extra time to absorb it. But that was me. Anyway I managed to convert myself into a VEGETARIAN and then it was easier to become a VEGAN.

Vegan is something amazing I would say. It's not just a diet. It's something more than that. Why? Because it gives me a lot of satisfaction that my body is not overloaded, bloated and inflamed. I feel more energetic, I make better decisions and I feel happy. There are no miserable days and your daily stress seems to not bother you anymore.

This is how I see my world now. Let’s find out more about this magic lifestyle then.

To be continued . . . 

Michal Procyk
Michal Procyk

 I’m 32 years old husband and father of one. I truly believe in nature therefore I follow a v e g a n  lifestyle. Apart from it I’m a calisthenic freak, PE teacher and Personal Trainer so literally all based on sport and fitness. 

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