Vague Deceit

Waking up at the cosmic level

There has always been this feeling that things were not as they appeared. Buzzing undercurrents of hidden information accompany every significant event. Missing tidbits that would assist in making sense of an array of things that don’t; common signs of cosmic importance leading us to union with the Universe. What are they not telling us? And why withhold from us that which would best facilitate evolution? Answers range from definitive control to happenstance causality but the common theme always indicates the acquisition of energy. Many continue to feed off of others denying the possibility that exchange could serve them sufficiently.

Caught up in the belief that energy is scarce and one must get as much as possible in any way it can be achieved, we struggle with one another for this precious resource. Feeding the perpetual lie that this energy could and will run out, culture demands we conform to consumerism and cannibalize one another’s essences. Presented with notions that having more will insulate us from the emptiness waiting to do to us what we do to everything else, consume.

Is this the synchronicity alluded to in many alternative accounts of Shifting? Entertainment begins to reflect the material we are presented with as we awaken to understand our place within the System. All systems that do not align with Shifting ideology fall away. One by one they crumble and disappear as the frequencies increase and vibrations heighten to align with the song of the Universe. To some, this sounds like an uplifting and pleasant melody while to others it is an ominous warning of the end of a way of life.

A day is soon to come when we can no longer ignore energetic cause and effect. The results of the union of mankind will be profound. Any force unified with spirit will prevail. The unenlightened will not notice until it is all they see and experience. We will usher in a new Age of Enlightenment, begin to truly understand why there was so much buzz about the Age of Aquarius. A new Paradigm has begun to resonate with all of the Soul Searchers and Dreamers. We are fully awake and prepared to do our part and demonstrate how to achieve Nirvana. Struggles attached solely to Ego will fade away and cooperation as well as understanding will replace them.

So many times I have been caught up in energies and struggles not my own. Until I could embrace, understand and accept that I was an Empath, I suffered greatly. Once acceptance became the norm I found very little was cause for strife and most circumstances could be addressed without drama. However, drama simply sought me out on a fairly regular basis. I was surrounded by fearful millennials who drowned themselves in alcohol and numbed themselves with constant external stimuli. It’s exhausting to watch!