Using the Term “Retard” as Hate Speech

Don't do it. Quit it.

Calling somebody names like “r#tard” is the equivalent to calling somebody the n-word. Name-calling is something vicious and evil. People with mental health problems or other disabilities are not retarded. People with autism don’t deserve that kind of treatment either. 

If you, like one of my former roommates, level the word “r!tard” at people, it makes no sense to call somebody who occasionally may mess up socially, that name. It is especially annoying to people who actively have their MI showing symptoms, which is why people level use of the word “r!tard” at people with mental health problems.

Name-calling is evil. Flat out evil. It doesn’t do much good, and it does more harm than good. This practice persists in 2018. Some people who get called a “r!tard” are actually not at all retarded. Even if they do have that disability, those people still do not deserve to be called names. 

Worse still, there are mental health organizations out there that love putting disabled people down. I won’t name names. Name-calling is so bizarre. It makes no sense. Civil behavior does. I had a roommate who didn’t know why people needed to be polite in a variety of social situations. As in, she thought that behavior didn’t serve her at all, and she could do whatever she wanted.

Calling somebody any name at all is hate speech. It is not an exercise in freedom of speech, but a put-down. You do not know what goes on in other people’s heads. You do not know what they are dealing with. How can you know unless you stop being judgmental? Calling somebody names is unproductive. It is downright stupid. What are you doing? Anybody who uses one form of name-calling uses all forms of name-calling.

Some people like to put people down. These are common bullies. Bullies have no self-esteem of their own, so they pick on other people. A bully does that for power. They lust after power, you see. Calling somebody names is an ineffective way of communicating. It makes no sense, it is irrational, and plain old all kinds of mean, insensitive, and more. Name-callers are by their nature, cowards, who cannot deal with the same behavior when called a name back. 

Name callers need to be ashamed of them because it gets to be ridiculous how angry they get. Judging somebody for life because they have a disability that affects how they get stuff happening around them is plain wrong. Hate speech is defined as a hate crime. To call somebody a “r!tard” can be considered a hate crime.

Name-calling is a travesty and totally wrong to do besides. Name-calling is something children learn from their parents. It is a juvenile way to solve a problem. Some people want to have fun with name-calling. They use it as a way to dominate somebody they view as lesser. Name-calling is the ultimate in crazy making and crazy behavior. The name-caller is the one with the problem, not the victim. 

Name-calling such as what President Barack Obama endured, is disgusting. Sometimes people can’t help being born a certain color or having a parent who is half of something. Mixed race people get problems from either race they are born with.

Calling somebody names is ridiculous. Obama is my role model on classy. He’s a classy person who takes stuff well and civilly. Name-calling never made anybody feel good. It means that those kinds of people are stubborn and odd. They want to make their victims suffer by making them feel helpless. Name-callers often do not stop what they are doing on top of that. Only former schoolyard bullies name-call. They do not know any better. 

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Using the Term “Retard” as Hate Speech
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