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Understanding Intuition Will Help Your Life

The Nature of Intuition

As a practitioner of natural therapies for about 30 years I have heard the word “intuition” spoken many times. When I was managing a very large natural medicines clinic I would get phone calls from people asking if they could work with us. I would always ask where the person trained and what qualifications they had. A reply along the lines” you don't understand I am intuitive not trained” would get a very quick termination of the telephone call.

We are all intuitive, but intuition is not part of the physical world, it is part of the spiritual or non physical existence. As such the intuition needs physical tools to work with. The intellect is rooted in the physical world, it is a function of the brain and is firmly part of the physical world.

So the intellect is a tool that intuition can use, but that intellect must have the knowledge — training — to enable it to be a good tool for intuition.

It is no good the intuition telling you that the car will not start because the plugs are faulty,if you do not know what a plug is or how to fix them. Nor is it any good if you know all this but do not have a spanner to fit the plugs.

The physical body is just as important, it is the mechanical tool of the mind. It is the means by which we interact with the physical world.

A well trained natural therapist combines intuition and intellect in a process where the intuition chooses which part of a wide, eclectic, training will be of best help to the patient.

Intuition is NOT a substitute for work, effort or learning. Intuition is the guiding force, the director. It can not affect physical life without some form of physical “tool” or mechanism for physical action.

This does NOT mean only the clever can be intuitively connected to their spirit. In fact most “clever” people are further away from that connection. We train our intellect to the point where we have decided that this alone is all we need, that we do not need intuition to guide us.

What is needed is sufficient intellectual training to enable us to carry out the tasks that we are directed to by our intuition. Going back to the faulty plugs analogy, being the master of an Oxford college will not help, unless you also have training, knowledge and skills (and a spanner) specific to the car engine.

If we can truly be guided by our intuition we are being “spiritual” in the sense that the spirit is directing our physical life through the intuition.

Human kind has subjugated and buried the spirit and intuition for so many generations that we have, most of us, got to the point where recognising the genuine intuitive input, from mental activity, is so very very difficult.

Sorting out wishful thinking, day dreams, guilty conscious and sub conscious input is hard enough. To try and revive a deeply buried intuition, with the intention of allowing our spirit to be more involved in the process of physical life, that is a huge task for anyone.

The intuitive connection with the spirit is a two way thing. The spirit learns through the experience of the physical body. If we disconnect the intuitive senses there is no path for experience to reach into the spirit. Then there can not be any way for the spirit to use the experience and guide the future; so we repeat past mistakes.

If you have a belief, or even acceptance, of reincarnation; you can understand why this disconnection will defeat the objective of physical life. The spirit will have gained nothing from this incarnation and have to return to the “classroom” again at some future time.

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Understanding Intuition Will Help Your Life
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