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Unbreakable Beauty! Renewed Hope! Newfound Love!

We've all experienced some sort of traumatic event, or at least know of someone who has had their own. It may have been related to death, divorce, an illness, loss of job, etc. Think now about the feelings, emotions, and reactions attached to trauma. Focus on what tends to stand out the most.

After experiencing trauma, it is a sad thing to note how many people experience it without the proper tools or strategies to effectively recover. It would be quite beneficial if such a manual were placed in the hands of all people, to provide them insight and advice on how to process traumas. 

At best, we all are kind of feeling our way through these events. Too many of us survive with nothing but wounds and scars. Very few experience a different outcome. Such is the case for the two ladies in this short video.

You and I do not have to visit a third-world country to be made aware of the countless young girls and ladies who are victims of sexual abuse or trapped in the sex industry. These two ladies have experienced repeated acts of sexual violence and actually survived, eventually making it to a place of sexual health and restoration. It took time, love invested by others, learning how to forgive and start over, redeveloping their belief systems about men and all things sexual.

Who says that trauma must leave behind wounds and scars? Looking specifically at women and traumatic events stemming from sexual abuse, too many women are taught they are worthless having experienced sexual abuse. They are taught that they can never have normal sexual relationships or encounter love.

If compared to a rose, too many women have had their petals plucked at the hands of molestation, rape, prostitution, promiscuity and such.

With each petal representing a piece of her innocence and virginity now plucked, tarnished and devoured before being blown away in the wind, how does a woman even begin to get her petals back? Can they even be restored? How does she begin the work of healing and rebuilding her esteem, self-love and self-worth?

Again, the ladies in this video provide real truths and answers. This video is a testament to how two girls - ladies - began the work of healing beyond the destruction of sexual abuse that began, for one of them, when she was as young as 6 months old. It is a testament to the fact that the worst of what trauma inflicts on an individual does not have to leave scars but can, instead, leave beauty marks.

The Japanese believe in pouring gold into the cracks of broken or chipped vases. It is a process known as Kintsugi. The broken vessel may have been worth mere pennies. However, after having been marred or broken, it ultimately finds its value tripling once the gold is poured into its cracks, serving as a bond or glue that fixes it and restores its functionality and worth. This process teaches us that sometimes the endurance of failure, of loss, of destruction, is when one discovers their greatest strength, beauty, functionality, worth and purpose.

In viewing this video, you will join these two remarkable young ladies who found themselves immersed in their own Kintsugi experience as they rediscovered their unbreakable beauty!

Having discovered that beauty, both of these young ladies have decided to 'share hope forward' so that other women, having listened to their story, will know that there is, indeed, hope and that those petals can be restored!

Thank you for taking the time to read, watch and share hope forward. Know that with every share, you may potentially be saving a life or simply renewing hope that has been lost amongst countless women, both local and abroad!

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