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Top 5 Must Haves for Your Meditation Space

Here are some simple but very important must haves for creating and keeping your meditation space balanced.

Do you ever want to revamp your meditation space? Maybe you're just beginning to get ideas for your sweet surrender? No matter what phase you are in in your journey along peace and enlightenment, there will always be some key elements you will need for your meditation space. Here are some simple but very important must haves for creating and keeping your spaced balanced.

1. Light

The right lighting is essential for your space. I recommend natural lighting always. Fluorescent lighting can appear sterile and won’t necessarily provide the peaceful atmosphere you need in your meditations. If your space doesn’t have access to natural light, try using EDISON bulbs. They last forever and create a soft lighting perfect for those peaceful moments. If you do have access to natural light than pull open those curtains and take in all the love from the sun!

2. Mats or Cushions

Providing yourself the maximum comfort for your spine and toosh are MAJOR. Cushions and mats are key in keeping your meditations maximized. Because, who can “become one” if their spine is aching and their legs are on pins and needles!? There are so many different types of cushions and meditation chairs ranging from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. When starting out I recommend trying a few different cushions/chairs to really get an idea of what best fits your body. The Lounge Blue Mush Floor Chair is a great starter chair and very affordable with its cost coming in at $54.49 on most websites.

3. Altar

An altar is an option but I find it most important when I'm grounding myself before I dive into my meditations. Altars have been used for thousands of years. They provide us a space to arrange our key elements used to hone in our senses. Altars are used traditionally in the Buddhism but can be used to display anything you feel that will contribute to a calming experience for oneself. Etsy has a custom solid wood hand carved Tibetan Buddhist altar table and shrine listed for $115.00 and is an exquisite piece to add to your space.

Of course, you can use any kind of small table to display your pieces but if your looking to upgrade, this piece is a stunner!

4. Natural Elements

I think this is my favorite element of a meditation space. I love to gather fresh lavender, jasmine, or just a few fresh wildflowers to lie on my Alter. These simple but very important elements can change the whole vibe of a space in seconds. Just imagine breathing the fresh fragrances in as your mind begins to calm itself. I cannot stress enough how much fresh and natural elements play into one’s ability to have a beautiful meditation, every time.

5. Candles

This element is key, also. Candles provide natural lighting and give off a “scentual” vibe in your space for the perfect meditation. I love adding candles that are full of essential oils and give off a truly holistic feeling. Peace and Tranquility by Chesapeake Bay is one of my all-time favorites in my rotation of scents and it comes it at only $9.99 at Target. There is no wrong way to go about choosing your personal scents just take in the experience and choose what feels good to you!

With all the hustle and bustle going on in our daily lives, isn’t it nice to be able to show ourselves love through meditation? However you choose to “unwind your mind” I hope these MUST HAVE tips and tricks help you to revamp or create the perfect meditation space for your body and your soul.

Solid Wood Hand Carved Tibetan Buddhist Altar and prayer shrine. $115.00 on Etsy.

Peace and Tranquility by Chesapeake Bay, $9.99 at Target.

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Top 5 Must Haves for Your Meditation Space
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