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Top 5 ASMRists

My Favorite ASMRists that Give Me the Most Tingles

About a year ago I was learning about the “weird side” of YouTube and started seeing videos that said “ASMR” in the title. I was intrigued so I clicked on one and this woman was whispering to me and pretending to shampoo and cut my hair. While watching it, I felt this weird tingly sensation that started from the top of my head and radiated down my entire body. I loved that almost euphoric feeling and it was so relaxing and after that day I was hooked. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it describes that tingly sensation that I felt. Some people feel it and others don’t but if you do it feels amazing. I’m going to give a list of my top 5 favorite ASMRists so you can try to experience ASMR yourself.

1. ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling was the first ever ASMRist that I watched and she’s the one that got me hooked. The main triggers she uses are tapping, whispering, and personal attention. She’s very sweet and gives off a best friend vibe. She’s done roleplays, specific trigger videos, and unintentional ASMR. My favorite video from her is called, “ASMR Drawing Features On Your Face - The Face Clinic Roleplay” where she pretends to be a “face clinic” doctor and draws features onto your face.

2. Karuna Satori ASMR

When I first saw Karuna in my recommended, I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan. Then I decided to watch more of her videos and she became one of my absolute favorites. She does everything and anything for ASMR. Her main type of videos are roleplay but she also has story time type videos. She always reminds everyone that it’s not her channel but OUR channel. Her fans call her "mom" and I have come to call her "mom" as well. She’s so calming and real and isn’t afraid to be open and say what’s on her mind. She also will do reiki techniques and tarot card readings and her belief is that her energy can travel through the camera and that if you’re watching her tarot card videos it’s because the universe called you to watch them and they’ll be relevant to you. My favorite video from her is “ASMR For TINGLE IMMUNITY | Cleansing Your Energy Using REIKI | b i n a u r a l t r i g g e r s” where she uses reiki techniques to cleanse your energy. Whenever I watch that one it really does help bring my energy up.

3. Latte ASMR

Latte is such a sweet and caring soul. She is an ASMR from Korea. She can speak multiple languages so she will do ASMR videos in English, Korean, and Japanese. Her main videos are also roleplay but she’s so creative with her ideas and you can tell she puts a lot of effort into editing her videos. You can tell she inputs her sounds separate from the video which I love because it sounds more realistic. When she’s brushing your face or hair, it actually sounds like face or hair brushing instead of the typical scratching of a mic most ASMR videos do. Her voice is so sweet and gentle and if my therapists talked like her, I would be so much more relaxed during my sessions :P. My favorite video from her is honestly a tie between “❄Yeti's Hair Salon / ASMR Scalp Check, Haircut and Coloring,” where you’re a Yeti and she does your hair, and “Halloween Special Care in Latte's Beauty Salon🎃/ ASMR Makeup Artist,” where she does your hair, makeup, and nails for a Halloween party and lends you accessories for your costume.

4. Gibi ASMR

Gibi gives off a caring big sister vibe to me. Her main videos are roleplays and specific trigger videos. She’s a geek in a way that she loves anime, video games, and conventions. There’s a character she plays called Daisy who is supposed to be her blue-haired sister who has a tendency to jump from job to job and I find her absolutely hilarious. Gibi is the type of person who I’d love to be friends with in real life. I highly recommend watching her Daisy videos but other than those videos, my favorite video from her is “[ASMR] Tattoo Consultation & Trial (Soft Spoken)” where she plays a tattoo artist who is creating a trial tattoo for you out of sharpies.

5. GwenGwiz ASMR

Gwen is a beautiful person inside and out who seems like a best friend. She does roleplays, trigger specific videos, and story times. She always has something nice to say and makes you feel so good about yourself. She seems to know so much about beauty and fashion but even when she “does your makeup” she’s constantly reminding you that you don’t need it and that you’re beautiful the way you are. My favorite video by her is “ASMR Friendly Makeover (Positive Affirmations, Drawing, Brushes…) | GwenGwiz” where she is a Sephora employee who is doing your makeup for a wedding. Throughout that whole video she tells you you’re beautiful and that even your imperfections are normal and beautiful.

Ultimately ASMR is something I recommend to anyone who just wants to relax. There’s no harm in trying it and it’s all about trial and error. What triggers me may not trigger you so experiment with different triggers and ASMRists to see what works for you. You may not like the ones I recommended and that’s fine. I’m hoping that this helps you at least think about ASMR and gives you the courage to try it out yourself. I recommend using headphones for the best experience as it’s more personal. Other than that, good luck and happy tiggles!

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Top 5 ASMRists
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