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Top 4 Fitness Apps of 2017

Introducing the best virtual personal trainers for everyday exercise.

Being able to hit your fitness goals can be difficult under the wrong guidance, especially with a tight work schedule, you may barely even fit the time to give back to your body. However, with the recent surplus of fitness apps on the android and apple market, people are now able to simply download their own virtual personal trainers. The apps allow for step counting, meal tracking, and offering instructional workout routines. To help you get started in your fitness lifestyle, try these 4 free apps that can change the way you look and feel.


Fitstar is a personal favorite of mine. I personally have a paid account that opens up an array of workouts, but for those just looking to crunch away the pizza, a free account has plenty of opportunities for you. Besides the beautiful looking UI, the app sports a couple different trainers that stay with you throughout your workouts. The workout routines themselves come in a couple of different modes, depending on what kind of body you are looking to achieve and what your goals hope to accomplish. Overall, it is a simple to use fitness app with clear guidance on what workouts to do and in what order to do them.


  • Different styles of workouts
  • Nice looking app UI
  • Easily connects to other devices such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, etc.


  • Free account limits you to few workout routines


Sworkit is a simpler app with a toned-down UI that can feature just the basics. The plus sides of the app are that you can choose from a variety of different training on separate regions of the body. In addition, you can also fully customize your workouts depending on what you have time to do. Not to mention, one of the best features the app has is the ability to upload your results to social media and compete with your friends and family.


  • Offers different modes of training
  • Create your own custom workouts
  • Can easily upload your results so social media


  • Only offers general exercises


8fit is a great fitness app that links exercise and food all into one simple app to use. The user interface itself is very clean and easy to use. Plus, they offer out gold stars after every milestone you hit to help keep you on track. With their combined food and exercise options throughout their platform, it is perfect for those just getting started on their own personal health or for people who have next to no time in their day to come up with routines for themselves.


  • Offers a variety of meal plans
  • Great looking app design
  • Variety of workouts to choose from


  • Free version is very limited

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a very elegant looking app where you can choose from a variety of different coaches and workouts to give yourself the best daily routine. Simply slide through the different sections of the app and you will also find a calendar in which you can personally track all the workouts you’ve done and plan to do. Also, the app also gives you reward badges for the progress you’ve made to help motivate you to continue your workout regimen.


  • Variety of different exercises to try
  • Reward badges for each workout you do
  • Workout calendar to stay on track


  • User interface can be a little confusing at times

Fitness apps play a crucial role in any exercise plan. After all, you can’t tell how well your plan is working if you do not keep track of your progress. Any one of these five fitness apps would make a great addition to your phone and drastically improve your fitness levels, though my highly recommended favorite is Fitstar. 

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Top 4 Fitness Apps of 2017
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