Too Young, Yet Too Old

Confusion as to What Is Acceptable to Do at My Age

College is the best and worst time of your life. I'm not saying college sucks—because that is just a straight up lie. We have little to no responsibility, party at unacceptable times, and just have to really show up to class and sit there. The age frame is not always ideal at this time in our lives though. One second you are having the time of your life, but then the life haunting questions begin to pop into your mind making you slowly but surely want to cry and hide forever. All of a sudden you go from pregaming for a party and dancing to "Buy U A Drank," to having a panic attack in the bathroom four shots deep wondering what you are doing with your life. As a current 19-year-old in my sophomore year at college, I can honestly say that I have no clue what the rights and wrongs of this age are supposed to be. It shouldn't be confusing as hell, yet welcome to my world, ladies and gents! Let’s hope I’m not alone on this topic; I doubt I’m the only one.

Between the ages of 18–24, I feel like life is an absolute question mark. Now, this might just be me, but you're most likely straight up lying if you think you have all of it figured out. People in their 40s still don’t always have it figured out, but at least they have an idea of what is right and wrong at that point. Am I supposed to be dating the love of my life by now? How am I actually supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life (if my parents are reading this, sorry—my career goals are up in the air). It just amazes me how there are people in this age range around the world on social media who have it all figured out. There are people this age who are married living in a mansion with two dogs and making a living off YouTube. Teach us your ways, c'mon. The real thought that always blows my mind is how am I supposed to be an adult and deal with taxes and real person issues. I can barely do laundry once a week— someone please teach me and many other confused teen children how to adult.

I'm too young to legally drink, but too old to bring my mom to the doctor with me. Too young to live on my own, but too old to not have some sort of job. Too young to rent a car, but too old to still be nervous about ordering take-out Chinese food. The last one is probably just me, but really ordering food over the phone freaks me out. It’s truly a terrifying concept to me. Anyways, you get the point.

I just want someone to tell me what I'm supposed to have done by now at this odd yet wonderful age, or what I should be doing with my life from here for a little while. None of us have any clue what we are doing at all, but I guess that is just how it has to be. Maybe at age 20, I will really have it together. There is a 98 percent chance that I will not have it together at all, but let’s be optimistic. Hopefully all of us will be able to help each other out and give advice on how to not mess up more than we already have. It can only go up from here... right? Stay optimistic and confused, everyone.

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Too Young, Yet Too Old