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The Workout Gear That's Actually Worth Buying

Why waste money on a gym membership or gear that's just going to gather dust?

I have tried in so many ways to get fit and healthy. I've tried going to the gym, working out at home (with bodyweight exercises), going for runs, going swimming, everything. I can never seem to stick to anything though, and a lot of the time I end up buying equipment that I think will magically get me to work out, but never does and I end up giving up and not using it. So, out of all of the stuff that I've used, here are the things that actually helped.

Simple Weights

Just a couple of dumbbells is probably a key thing to have for a home workout. Mine are very light and compact so I can travel with them, but they are useful. They can make a regular exercise (squats, arm circles, leg lifts) into something more challenging, as well as creating new exercise options (bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.).

Resistance Band

This was given to me initially by my old physiotherapist, but it's helpful for general working out too. Like dumbbells, a resistance band pretty much solely enhances other exercises. Tie the band to make a circle and have it around your thighs. While you squat you'll feel it a lot more, trust me. Same goes for any other similar exercises really - restrict the movement with a resistance band and it works out your muscles so much without having to find a whole new exercise that's more strenuous for you.

Resistance Tube

Kind of like a resistance band, but this creates it's own exercises too. I'm not sure if they all do, but the one I have has a handle on either end that really helps. My favourite exercise to do is put a foot in one handle, step halfway across with the other foot, and hold the other handle and stretch over my head with it (this is the main reason my triceps look a lot better than they used to). I also use it for things like bird-dog to create more resistance stretching when my arms and legs.

Skipping rope

Admittedly, I haven't really used this since I bought it at all. But I want to. The main reason I haven't used it is because I have very little space at the moment, and I just end up knocking things over or hitting into the ceiling and floor. But I'm moving into a new house in a month or so, and am trying to promise myself that I'll start to use it then. Skipping rope isn't just good for a warm-up exercise, but its good cardio as well (and you don't have to leave the house or buy an expensive machine!).


I don't know if this is the real name for them, but this is what it said on the box of mine when I got it. It's like a stationary bike, but only the pedals. This is really good for someone like me that has a lot of desk-based work and likes to watch a lot of Netflix but wants to stay active. Just put the pedal under your desk (and sacrifice lying in bed to watch Netflix) and pedal while you work or watch something. You can get a workout in without having to sacrifice any of your time doing important things. This is a slightly pricier piece but is honestly worth it.

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The Workout Gear That's Actually Worth Buying
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