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The Truth About Stress

And How it Affects All of Us

Watch the video before proceeding.

The Weight of the World starts on the shoulders of just one girl. 

Any time you write something, you should be willing to put your face and name to it. When we speak truth these things need to be offered freely. Stress prevents us from doing it, which could circumvent the very existence of reality itself.

Imagine if you weren't here right now. That would be a great loss because this will be the most important read of your life.

Stress is not a singular paradigm for a singular person. It's catching and it spreads like wildfire. It's the antithesis to love and people are bound in the chains of the world unable to see the love that's trying to break into their world every second of every day. We're walking away from destiny because of stress and it's programmed to do just that.

We look at things with intense suspicion. We block marketing out because we see greed and all companies must be greedy, therefore we know the world, but we do not.

That little A-hole of an Amygdala in our brain colours everything we see , and do, like a lens. If you are stressed, your family is stressed and you will only ever see them as the people they were, not the people they are, and certainly never the people they are going to be.

When the emotional Amygdala is in defence mode our emotions latch everyone together in a closed network and our egos are on. Mom loses her name and becomes just Mom. Partner's stress goes right into Mom and we see the partner as putting their emotions in the ground, but they aren't in the ground. Mom is the strategist of the unit. She's the gel of the family that makes sure everyone has what they need and does EVERYTHING and no one questions it. Yet very few people born after 1980 want to do the work their moms do and this is because Mom is stressed. Her stress and partner's stress goes straight into the kids. One kid, you get a helicopter parent. Two kids, you get triangulation. You force them to compete for your love by making them jump through impossible obstacles and always see one as superior to the other but 'never admit it because it's wrong.' If you admitted the paradigm you would see there's a psychological imperfection in your life and your brain wants you to see it, to correct it, because it hurts you.

It's a stress paradigm. Your anxiety leads you away from friendship's, future family members, love events. Anything that could possibly make you happy. 

Dopamine forces the brain to overwrite True information with False making it into a False/True. In the brain everything is True and false is cast away. This is when arguments occur. When you have a healthy brain you start to overwrite True on top of the False/True parameter. 

How do I Know This?

For a decade of my life I walked the Beta path of a depressed existence. My nan was the Mother catalyst in my family and her 40 years of stress caused us to live in a matriarchy of epic proportions. I'm going to explain my life to you and help you realize why the events happened and what the brain was doing because the moment you recognize the situation your brain goes "YES!"

It's seeking every second of every day for why, why, why! And I have a why.

So, my nan has 2 daughters. Nan's the enmeshed narcissist. As bad things happened to her she stopped us doing those things too. Her anxiety taught us anxiety lessons. Don't eat that, it's foreign. Don't do that it's bad for you. Don't go out there it's dangerous. Don't live, you'll die. I don't like him he's not like us, he's a loser! She used to complain "I can't learn any more, I'm too old" and then it clicked, she wasn't learning from logic she was learning from anxiety. When she got robbed she stopped going to those places outside. When she got a ticket she became resentful of the person who gave it to her instead of realizing she didn't play by the rules and was in the wrong.

My Mom was the ignoring mother. I had an aha! moment in the last year as I wrote my life on cards for a book I need to write one day. I realized every event my mother reacted to had Nan at the core. When my mother had my sister and I she had never been a mother before. In Nan's reality she was still her daughter, a little girl, and so my nan took over caring for us as her own daughters. She enabled her daughter to keep life exactly as it was. We became enmeshed to Nan, Mom never became mom and detached from us completely and Nan used the drama to circulate information that kept us all in our places. Never on purpose but in her head it made complete sense.

In fact, let's see if you've experienced triangulation. We were never told off. I was a smart child, genius even, but never recognized as such. My sister resented me because her intellect wasn't like mine, even though she was the oldest. My Nan, Mom and Aunt were a gossip ring. We'd be put against each other. My sister was told "Why can't you be more like Hayley." If I wanted to socialize I was told "You don't want to end up like your sister."

And if we did something 'wrong' they got together in person or on the phone. My nan told my mother what we had done, my mother told my aunt and my aunt criticised us to Nan and everything was filtered back through three bitchy amygdala's back to us and it was debilitating.

When my Mom left the family unit it was cataclysmic. The people I was attracted to change. I found smarter people, which was perfect. I felt at home with my new best friend, however, this was my first trauma point. The moment my mother acquiesced and let us go, didn't fight for us, stress turned on. Reality had changed. This drastic change is what gets the hormones raging and rage they did. I started to exhibit signs of Aspergers that I wouldn't analyze myself until 18 years later. 

Aspergers, as it turns out, is a potentially brilliant person with certain gene mutations (MTHFR c677t in my case) with stress hormones turned on every second of every day. Look into it if you want to save your sanity. 

My Aunt was the worst. A covert narcissist that thought everyone else was beneath her and that if she wanted to tell you you were a waste of space she damn well would. Miserly with money and never as involved as she should be because jealousy shrouded her world in darkness and so her reality became smaller and smaller as the years passed. 

Not my favourite person.

Anyway, what does this have to do with the world? Everything. You will notice I haven't mentioned the men of my family. They were given no powers in the grand scheme of things and faded into the background. My Dad is wonderful but he ran away to a canal boat to save his life. Can't really blame him.

The only benefit to this is that the challenges my nan presented will now benefit the world because she taught me the reality of how we are failing each other and I was able to search for the truth of every situation. She also created an Amazon of a woman, me!

The paradigms:

If you assume that we are not a special case then there has to be things people aren't telling each other.

As it turns out, stress hormones are a quantum link between all family members. They are pack formation. We are animals after all. When we are in trouble we band together and protect ourselves. Dopamine switches from love to survival and leads us away from destiny to protect us from everything. If we worked out the answer to the challenge in our mind stress goes away and we resume normality, but we aren't resuming and it's resulting in autoimmune conditions. 

Did I pique your interest?

I used to be 15 stone, have 15+ autoimmune conditions and I found an answer to every single one of them by looking at what my body was doing, when it was doing it and how I felt. I had become a phenomenologist. I'm happy to go into the breakdown in other articles but for now you need to know every single one of those issues was caused by stress hormones.

These hormones go from your dopamine receptor down into your gut. Everything is connected. The skin becomes a seeker of things that may hurt you. Whenever the stress turns on your reality is stuck at that point, so if you add a new chemical to your diet it has no idea what that chemical is and attacks it. You get IBS or your skin flames up with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or any other word you can think of for painful rash.

We've bound ourselves up in words. Doctor's do not truly see. They see a patient. They don't see a second brain that could be doing a considerable amount of legwork for them, since we actually live with our bodies. They decide we know nothing, which is far from true. The day the doctor told me "allergies are common sense" he activated a sense of spite in me and off I went, determined to succeed where they failed me.

And succeed I did.

All of the issues were cause by the brain seeking 3 things in my body, and this applies to everybody to different degrees. Women affected far more than men, but men need it too.

Are you ready to change your life?

The most important one, for me, was Methylfolate (folic acid), not everyone is deficient in this but if you have a narcissistic set up like I've explained to you, you need to work out how deficient you are and treat your mother too, if you still speak to her. She overprotected you out of distorted love and her brain couldn't refresh as it's supposed to. Methylfolate connects our emotion centre back up. You've been told your emotions are something else by someone and while you lack this you can't make sense of them. The body shuts you down into power saving mode until you get the answer right.

B12 is the connector of reality, it writes new muscle to the body, it burns knowledge to your body like a disc writer. It is used every time you are creative, exercise or do anything. If you are deficient you will get lethargy a lot. I fainted in the shower a lot and was prone to weakness. It can also bring on vibrations in the hands. Please research the symptoms to see if they sound familiar.

Vitamin D. The perplexing light vitamin. Why do we need it? Because it gives our personality a boost. It connects us with creativity. It puts the light in our eyes. When there is more light in an object it's harder to look away from. People gravitate to the light. If you have large desires but nothing is happening, chances are you are lacking vitamin D. You may find you go from avoiding photos to popping up in reality and taking hundreds. It looks like narcissism but you're catching up on your early life. For me I resumed from 17.

Please go research the signs of all 3 of these because when you know, you know. Seek help from a trustworthy medical practitioner. If your doctor can't hear you please change doctor. It's imperative there is trust between you. 

But You Haven't Said How Stress Affects The World

Because it affects the world in every way. Something interesting happens when stress is on. We all over consume. We do this because our genetics can't read their destiny pathway. They are activating past, present and future all at once.

You're sat in a room going "OMG I WANT TO DO EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, but there isn't enough time so I shall sit here and play candy crush." It's overwhelming and you can't make sense of it.

You have numerous routes in front of you but you can't step onto any of them because it's treacherous there. 

You comfort yourself by collecting every item you don't really need, except you do need them, in the future. When you are stressed you are in a learning stage. Learning if you have a problem, learning how to fix it, learning how to better yourself. When you find the right person, right answer and genuinely listen, stress moves on to the next lesson and eventually turns off.

This over-consumption occurs in everything. When stressed your body is eating carbs and fat. Think of your diet, does that match up? It's not you. You need those carbs and that fat or you will become ill, so please trust your gut. When you get out of stress mode your eating becomes healthier and your body becomes activated again and you can trust it thoroughly, so please don't despair. It took me 4 years to reverse everything and I can help everyone else take shortcuts. 

My eating used to be of the binge variety. I was selfish and I wouldn't share with anyone. Even worse, I didn't learn to cook until 22. Nan's enmeshment meant that she overindulged me. She instinctually knew that I needed carbs and fat and so she repeated the action until I put a stop to it and took control. I was going to be dead by 30. This was written into my brain as a certainty. 

If every person is over consuming food, that drives up the number of animals we breed, the amount they consume and the effect that has on the planet as a whole. The animals, such as cows put out methane, they need more land, they're packed in together unethically and this all causes new stress which affects everything else. The circle of influence. When a vegan says stop eating meat they activate anxiety because your reality is you desperately need it. If they said, "I intend to heavily reduce the consumption of meat" they'd get the chance to help people find new, awesome recipes, but they don't approach it from this angle. If we all consumed less and help people learn to trust the future of cloned meat, we'd be working toward a better future for everyone. A future without cruelty. 

Defeat stress, save the world

The technology we consume is in the pursuit of knowledge, but the need to buy a new device is illogical. By all means, put money into the economy but you have to acknowledge, at that moment in time, you aren't going to get the best use out of that new item, so waiting should be okay, but OCD  grips you in a vice and you cannot fight it. We buy one, our friends want it, we brag, we want them to challenge us and every item does exactly the same thing with a different case, just...faster. 

This uses resources that could be better used elsewhere. We drive the market and we need to realize that we're missing out on living by not pursuing answers. I went from dreading being without a phone to realizing "everything's backed up" if it dies then there will be other phones but there won't be another day to enjoy outside. We are missing life because of our consumption.

Stress causes us to be selfish. Let's say you have become rich but stressed. You keep your reality the same. Exactly the same. Instead of putting your money back into others. If you bought the expensive item, you could gift it to someone who would love it. You show them their self worth and they become the people they were supposed to be because you trusted they were better than their job and an actual human. They go on to make more money and be happy. The economy becomes cyclical. Investment is the basis of natural law and if you give money to others with no expectation for personal gain, you will live a much better life gravitating to the exact people and money you need. I can promise this is true because 6 weeks ago I wouldn't have been here talking to you.

All sins are a stress reliever. We are more than the sum of our parts (gestalt) therefore we are more than our sins.

Smokers, your smoking relieves the stress so you can face another day. You know it's wrong but you do it because you have to. When you light up next, ask yourself who you just whinged about. What name popped into your head? Whoever it was is your trauma point. If you can apply fight and flight to their actions in the past and how you lost their trust, you will move on, you can put your cigarette down.

Gamblers, if you're not there for the high rolling thrills, or the low level dabble, you're an addict. This isn't your fault. Once upon a time your wife or mother put responsibility on you that wasn't yours to have. It was theirs and they passed it along. Every time you gamble your head screams "Just one more try, it'll be this one" but in stress you will never win. You need to step back and tell that person they need to help equally because it was never your job and they shouldn't have forced it on you. That's why your brain is screaming.

Sex addicts, you're attracted to all the wrong people. You've had a trauma early on and it's perpetuated in you finding self worth in sex because that's when people need you. This isn't you. It's a personality that has attached itself and your brain is reluctant to move on from. How do you keep ending up in those positions? Because they see what they want to see and you act out their need, like enslavement to the mind. It isn't you. You're beautiful, male or female. You just need to give the personality back and utilize it when you want to.

Those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Your body is protecting you. It has put a father/ daughter link between the two of you. Once upon a time, I ignored my partner's desire to 'not have sex' and I overrode him. This is rape, through and through. He never saw it as rape but my brain did. I lost the right to choose to love. I became stressed. I had to learn that I had done something heinous and apologize. My partner laughed, but the moment I apologized that was the last lesson my brain needed to acknowledge. It took 10 years to realize. That's a long time to walk the wrong path.

Our brains are running an algorithm seeking out true love. 

It's the world of Beauty and the Beast. "Can you learn to love another and be loved in return?" 

When a brain reaches true autonomy where all information is from a point of truth with dialectic reasoning it's given the power of intention.

You've been reading this article exactly as I've intended it to be read because I have that power of intention and it's a peculiar thing. Language is weaving together for me in ways it didn't before. I'm becoming more and more artistic. I can sing. My instincts are top notch and my business acumen is out of this world.

I want to let everyone know, I love you.

I now need you to go test something. 

If you heard Yanni before then you should hear Laurel now. If that is true please share this truth. You could save lives. I've just given your brain the true love it's been seeking and put your Amygdala to rest.

I found, through 3 friends, that it doesn't have to be said face to face and that writing is more than enough.

The pen is mightier than the sword and belief is everything.

You can watch me grow on Instagram under hayleyvmorris


You can join me on facebook by looking up my name.

Hayley Victoria Morris

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