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The Truth About Positive Thinking

Is thinking positively the answer?

We have been told so many times how embracing a positive attitude could lead us to live better and feel more enthusiastic about life. Truth is, being smiley everyday even if we are going through a difficult moment in our lives is not always the solution to our problems.

You wake up one morning with a terrible feeling in your stomach, as everything is going wrong. You can't cope at work, your love life is a disaster, maybe you are trying to achieve something important in your career—you want to reach those targets—but everything seems so far and distant from you that you have to put on a mask, get ready, and go out and face the day and the routine pretending you are fine because the social imaginary wants you to be always strong, always perfect.

Then, the motivational video that you have been watching the night before sleeping is giving you the inspiration that you think you need to get stronger; it suggests to be positive and stay positive as, according to them, positivity is the attitude to follow if you want to succeed in life. Wrong.

It is still good to follow gurus that spread energy and encouraging words, because yes, they can tell you about their own experience, how they achieved their dreams, and how the mind control and discipline in setting up targets and long term accomplishments could work out to be the best decision. But don't forget: you are an individual with its own mindset, its own timing and ideas. Don't force yourself to be perfect, to be always happy, because you wouldn't be yourself; you would be FAKE. We often associate the word fake with a bad meaning, like a bad person, someone that used to betray us, someone hiding their true colours... So, why should we hide our own true colours to ourselves?

But the word fake is not only limited to that. It helps us figure out its opposite word... AUTHENTIC.

Authenticity is very important. It is peculiar to living an healthy and balanced life. Embracing the pain, the discomfort, the blue days, helps us get in touch with our ancestral essence that is mainly who we are without any masks, without any fiction.

Going with the flow is the answer. Yes, you can still keep your vibe positive if you want to and if you feel to; only if it comes from your soul, from your heart, from YOU. Be you. Be real. If you face all your emotions, fears, struggles, and insecurities, you will be accepting yourself for who you are in that very moment. Not someone else, not the perfect individual you want to be. Just yourself.

If you feel like you want to be miserable, be it! It is not compulsory to smile to anyone! You can have your bad days, and you are entitled to be as natural as possible without the need to wear that uncomfortable mask you think you should have on your face because you are scared someone might stop liking you. People will understand or will not. It is only their problems, not yours. Sure, we need to be surrounded by bright souls that can help our path become more inspirational, but being sad for a day doesn't mean becoming someone people will stay away from. 

If you want to heal, go through that moment, look deep into it, be brave, remembering that it is only the present, and tomorrow will be different. You will smile again! 

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The Truth About Positive Thinking
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