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The Trouble With Sweets

Health, Sugar, Sweet Tooth

Ah, sweets. It’s one of the things that can make your eyes lighten up, and make you feel a rush of happiness inside. But it is also something to not have too much of, and you know what could happen if you do.

I am a lover of sweets myself, and I know very well how it can affect your body. Stomach aches, bloating, possible indigestion, and worst of all, weight gain——and I know that one too too well.

Sweets fall under the same category as those greasy foods that we have a lot of. What is that category, you ask? Unhealthy foods. I, for one, have been trying more than once to get rid of all that unwanted weight that I carry on my body, but every single person, including myself, has two things that get in the way; and those things are excuses and temptation.

I’ve seen people go through worse scenarios than mine on television, and that’s just one way to scare yourself enough that you realize you need to make a change. Even though I love sweets, as I’ve said already, it’s hard to choose between giving them up completely, and just cutting back.

I am probably not the only one wishing these foods were beneficial to weight loss, or that they were foods we could live off of for the rest of our days. But the reality is we don't live in a world where sweets are one of the most healthy things we could have more then once.

They are just foods we see as a comfort, or maybe even as a best friend, because they are always there. Pizza, chocolate, sour candies, those are some of the most delicious things I personally enjoy; but I still struggle to cut back on them, and I have no idea how I'll be able to make a habit out of that.

If you love baking like me and many others in the world, that is going to make it even more difficult than it needs to be. While we need products like brown sugar, flour, and white sugar for many other food-related reasons, fighting off the urge to bake something is something we still need to deal with in the end.

And then there's those holidays—Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day; all three of them just happen to have candy of all kinds involved.
Then we have to find ways to not get tempted by those foods; especially when we go out and get groceries, because they will be in almost every single store in town.

Sometimes it's almost mind blowing just how many calories happen to be in one chocolate bar or one piece of candy. And then you take a small bag of candy, or one piece of a chocolate bar, and you find there are just as many calories as there are when you have less candy with you.

There are probably loads of people who have had a terrible week food-wise, and they want to find a way out so they aren't stepping on the scale and dealing with all the weight they gained. I've been there before, and I know just how insanely stressful it can be.

I look at where I am today, and you know, I ask myself how and why I let myself get this way so fast. I then look at my food habits, and how out of hand they are, and then after over-analyzing and over-thinking everything, I come to the conclusion that sweets aren't the only thing causing my weight problem.

What is it? Carbs. Once you really think about what you struggle to not eat much of, you can then come to the conclusion what your problems are, and then, if sweets happen to be part of the list, it's not just about them anymore.

But then you may wonder what life would be like without any kind of fatty foods. Some would say: "That would be boring! I can't go a day without my jujubes." And then some would look deep into the topic and respond with, "Life would be very different indeed. All of our lives would change if we stuck with healthy food only."

Even now I'm wondering about that, and I can only imagine how things could be for me if I had to live life without foods that I love and hate at the same time. I think I would have mixed emotions and there's no doubt about whether I would experience temptation urges or not.

I've experienced them many times before, and it would surely happen again. I also wonder how it can be so easy for some people to just jump into a habit compared to those that try for a while and then fail to continue.

The last thing I want to mention here is there are two big things that play a part in our lives when we want to do something, and determines how long we keep at it. Motivation and willpower. You always have to have enough of both in order to keep going at something, and sometimes you have to muster up all that you have so you can continue doing what you started. What will happen with me though? Time will tell.

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The Trouble With Sweets
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