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The Real Reason Behind the Increase in Fast Food Outlets

How Fast Food Restaurants Have Changed the Way We Live

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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fast food outlets being opened. It is not only detrimental to our health, but this has resulted in some less obvious problems within the home.

It is a known fact that fast foods are full of fats and artificial ingredients, yet in a seemingly health-conscious society, its consumption has not only increased but is continuing to increase. There are a few important reasons for this change. Firstly, in an ever evolving society, convenience has become a key factor in every decision that we make. People are becoming busier and busier, and time is seemingly becoming less and less. On the go or after a long day, adults and children have found it much easier to purchase a ready made meal instead of taking time to prepare something. This is good as in being a time savor but it would appear that we are now too busy to care about our health. Food chains have only commercialized on this lack of time and people keep giving in.

Health is being substituted for convenience.

A second reason for the increase in fast food outlets is cost. Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains have become very expensive. Fast food outlets now offer various “dollar-saving” deals which only encourage sales. Most fast foods are now much cheaper than healthy, filling meals, which can make them even more attractive. Franchise owners have recognized our lack of time and money, which is the cause of the increase in fast food outlets.

The Unfortunate Repercussions

This increase in outlets, however, has resulted in some very serious consequences. The most prominent result of this is the increase in heart disease and obesity. Convenience has been substituted for health and we have not been taking seriously what really goes into our junk food. Children in particular have not acquired a taste to healthy foods, and for this reason they turn to fast foods. If all parents were willing to teach their children about good eating and provide them with healthy meals, childhood obesity would be a problem of the past. My final effect of fast food outlets is not prominent but is still an issue. Long ago, families would work together to prepare meals. Mothers and fathers would pass on family recipes to their eager sons and daughters as they observed with much enthusiasm, the art of cooking. Nowadays this is not a thing in modern households, and this has caused a lack of bonding between family members since meals can easily be purchased. For many, this is not a pressing matter, but I believe it has many long-lasting effects.

In conclusion, the increase of fast food outlets has more cons than pros, but for the time being, its presence will only continue to increase.

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The Real Reason Behind the Increase in Fast Food Outlets
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