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The Meaning Behind Our Dreams

Health, Memories, Dreams

Ever wonder why you have a romantic dream, or a scary dream, or something out of the ordinary? Well I am going to share with you what I think causes us to have dreams like that.

To me, there’s so many reasons why we have dreams that may make us feel weird when we wake up. If it’s a romantic dream, we are probably thinking of someone we see as a love interest. 

But what if it’s someone we’ve dreamed about before; but it’s someone who is no longer part of our love lives? There are a couple reasons why, like maybe you and him/her aren’t quite finished with each other, or you may still feel in love with that person.

What about those scary dreams? What do you think causes those? Well, as an example, I had a dream about a girl that used to be my friend, and we were in a store, but what the dream focused on the most I find, was that she was a much bigger size than she really is.

So what's the cause of something like that? Well, even though I don't know for sure, the one thing that comes to mind is that I could be afraid of more dramatic and toxic friendships, and the whole idea of someone being bigger than they really are, well, that is probably a way to scare me into getting more into shape, otherwise, I could have a bigger tummy!

Aside from my own example, well, you could have watched a movie, and there was likely a part of the movie that made you afraid or uncomfortable. Like the movie It. If you get scared or uncomfortable because of any part of the movie, or maybe even the book itself, it could likely result in a scary nightmare.

That time where you dreamed about that night you went dancing with friends, or you dream of something that was dear to your heart, back when you were small. Those are the happy dreams we have now and then, but what causes them? 

Well, the answer is simple. Memories are the one thing that these happy dreams are stemmed from. The example I am going to share with you all is this: 

When I was younger, I had a favourite Christmas ornament. It was an angel, painted black, and made out of plywood. She meant the world to me, because she was the one thing I looked forward to seeing each year. 

But in the end, she got old and became tattered and torn very slowly. Her lights didn’t shine the right way because the rest of her would work, but one wing would have lights completely burnt out. 

So the man took her down, tried to fix her many times, but then it was finally time to put her away for good, and from then on, I began to have dreams about her. 

It's happy dreams like that, that are stemmed from the memories that contain the most precious things in our lives. Almost every single one of us has a favourite thing we may always hold onto, just like I hold onto the memory of the plywood angel. 

But now that we have talked about those other dreams, there are two more kinds some people probably wonder about. The weird dreams, and the dreams that go from one thing to another. 

Confusing, isn’t it!? I have my fair share of weird dreams, and it isn’t always easy to tell what causes these dreams. But let’s say you dream of isles and isles full of chocolate and/or candy. Well, that’s one of those easy dreams; as it would likely describe your love for sugary foods. 

Or maybe you dreamed about the outdoors, and how it went from cold and snowy to the warmest and most beautiful day in the summer. That there just says that you prefer one kind of season and you aren’t exactly fond of the other. 

But then there are the dreams that will go from happy to scary, like maybe you were out with friends, and then something scary comes out from the floor or the ceiling. Those are the dreams that can change drastically and are more complex to figure out. But the least I can say is, for the most part, our dreams can mean and show many things—from the happiest dream or the saddest dream, to one somewhere in between. 

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The Meaning Behind Our Dreams
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