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The Intuitive

The Superpower That Is Being Intuitive

Courtesy of: www.pintrest.com  

The intuitive person is someone very special.  It is as if they possess magical powers.  Sometimes called discernment, this personality type can see a person for who they really are.  

In the world we live in, lying and manipulation have been the cornerstone of getting to the top.  But doing this causes numerous amounts of corruption and tomfoolery to ensue.  And as to all things in life, there must be a balance.  So it is only natural for some people to see straight through these lies and manipulations.  For me, this ability has always been there.  Even as a young child getting a sensation in my stomach that reminded me butterflies when I would meet a strange person.  

As I grew older it morphed into an idea such as, "There is something off about this person.  I should be cautious."  

Now I'm not saying that this is a perfect 'spidey sense' if you will.  People do get through the cracks and sometimes I do get the spidey sense about people who are fine, but it is very rare.  It takes time to hone these skills.  You have to listen and trust your body.  Learn the signs your mind sends you.  I've heard that it presents itself in a variety of different ways. For example; tiny electrical like pulses that radiant throughout one's body, extreme heat or cold, or just a general feeling of unease.  It just depends upon the person on how it presents itself.  

Out of all the personality traits, this one has confounded me the most.  The research I've done has really turned up zero results, so I've had to rely on my own experiences.  

From everything I can muster, it has to do with body language.  For some reason we can mentally pick up on the tiniest body movements unconsciously; therefore, giving us the ability to 'see' things from them that no one else can.  I' not entirely sure about anyone else's findings, but I contribute this to have been involved in the martial arts for the better part of a decade.  You see, in martial arts, you have to study their movements and anticipate their next move.  So in short, you are studying their body language to be able to predict their next attack and for you to plan accordingly.  I'm not sure if this is a contributing factor or not.  I have noticed that I do notice things about others that other people normally don't pick up on.  Such has the way my father-in-law would laugh.  Depending on how he did it was whether or not he was telling the truth.  My mother would take short pauses in between her sentences when she was trying to find truth in another person.  Or the fact that most people will look to the left during a conversation if they feel uncomfortable.  Things like that are all part of being intuitive.  

This trait usually becomes apparent at a young age.  Mine happened when I was four years old.  Scared the crap out of me and still does to this day when it happens.  It can really be scary for people when it first happens because it's only things you see happen in the movies.  Mostly it comes to people when they just think some random thought about how this particular someone is strange and you need to stay away.  People keep these things to themselves because it's not tolerated in our society to judge one another.  They are worried about being wrong and that is why they keep their mouths shut and never express their opinion to anyone.  They also don't say anything out of fear of being right.  If they are right, then they could be seen as a freak or weirdo.  That's the last thing you need going on when you're a teenager trying to fit in.  

Now, this doesn't always have to be about danger.  There is so much more to it than that.  We know when something is bothering someone.  No matter how much they try to hide it...we know.  I knew this guy, always upbeat, funny, all around great guy, and would do anything in the world for you.  I had the feeling that something was wrong with him.  

So one day I told him, "Hey man, I don't know what's going on with you, but just know that I've got you in my thoughts."  

He looked up at me in tears and said that he had caught his wife with another man and didn't know if he could go on.  I had another instance where I felt this incredible feeling that someone was about to kill themselves in my school.  I didn't who, what, when, where, or why.  I just knew.  I went to my guidance consular and let her know what I felt.  She just thought it was me and I was calling out for help.  This wasn't the case of course.  It wasn't until about two weeks later I found out it was one of my friends who was planning on commuting suicide. It is a blessing and a curse and to continue with the Spiderman references: with great power comes great responsibility.  

I know to some people this sounds as if we judge people based on their appearance or actions when we first meet.  It is more than that.  What most people realize is that you will, in fact, judge others.  You can't help it because it is a defense mechanism.  It lets us know when danger is likely.  It has nothing to do with that person in question.  This can go for other things and not just people.  A building for example.  If it is falling apart, smells bad, is located in a dark area, and has a known past of dangerous things happening there then you will most likely not enter it.  It is the same thing as if you were walking down the street and see someone walking toward you with a brisk walk, their head down, wearing a trench coat, and had their hands in their coat pockets.  My point is that we are all intuitive to a certain point.  It's just that other people have the ability to take it farther than others.

If this sounds like you in anyway, please listen to what I have to say. Do not ignore this gift.  You must use it wisely and learn when and when not to use it.  Learn to trust it.  It has kept me out of a lot of sticky situations.  One other thing before I wrap this up.  Don't let it go to your head.  This gift has the potential to ruin and destroy your social life.