The Importance of H2O

More Reasons to Keep with Water 🐳

Water is the most important liquid to drink to keep a healthy balanced body. Staying hydrated is essential to our bodies. Did you know that the human body can go a month with food, but only three days without water? Yes, that’s how important water is for survival. We also use water for everyday activities like for showering, keeping your teeth clean, and washing your hair. Water is also used for cleanser for clothes and about anything in your household. Don’t forget the fun water brings, Like for example the uses of pool and water parks. But here are more reasons to why water is essential to our health and how drinking water is cool with or without ice.

1. Want glowing radiant skin? SOLUTION! Drink at least 8 cups of water. Water will keep your skin hydrated and youthful looking. Water improves your skin complexion by calming down acne break outs that could’ve been caused by sugary drinks such as sodas.

2. Weight Loss Tool: Not only is drinking water the best replacement to avoid weight gain from sugary drinks, it can also helps you burn fat faster. Water gives you more energy to exercise and also hydrates you after a sweaty workout, keeping you balanced.

3. Stressed out? Bummed out? Give drinking more water a try. Water is known as stress reliever, by adding lemons and mint to your cup, giving it a great taste while being soothing and cooling the mind. Also drinking water can be used as a great mood booster.

4. Everyone hates dull thin hair. Why not get glowy, thicker, even longer hair by using water based products that provide moisture to keep your hair healthy and shiny? Also a beauty tip; washing your hair with cold water promotes hair growth and washing your hair with warm water helps your hair shine without the oily look, so give both a try by taking turns in your hair wash routine.

5. Drinking water also boosts your immune system by flushing toxins out of your body. Not only does drinking the right amount of water a day help your body be well balanced, it also increases your energy levels and decreases tiredness, providing the right energy to keep up an active lifestyle while staying hydrated.

Reminding yourself to drink water might be hard for some individuals that are used to the caffeine in their everyday cup of coffee or can of sodas. To trick yourself into getting your intake of water, set a reminder in your phone or add a sticky note on your kitchen wall. You can even add flavors to your water! You can add fresh berries or any fruits of your choice, some even add vegetables like cucumbers. When adding veggies or fruit to your water jugs, leave it overnight to savor the flavor. You can also add tea bags to warm water that also carries many other great nutrients for your body with great health benefits. Tea bags provide a variety of flavors to choose from.

There are millions more great reasons to why you should keep refilling your cups with water. It’s one of the best sources provided to humans. Hope you enjoyed this article as if there aren’t already many amazing reasons as how water does wonders to your body and also provides good uses to the world in many different forms. This article's purpose is to enlighten you to the other useful health benefits that water provides, so trust me on this one: drink at least 8 cups of water a day, it will do wonders to your body.

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The Importance of H2O