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The Five Oils Essential in Any Home

For Greater Health and Wellness

My ongoing love for essential oils started when my husband didn't find anything topical to work for his eczema. He was having severe outbreaks on his hands that nothing seemed to help. I had a friend that is an aroma touch therapist and she suggested using essential oils to control his eczema. That is when I started researching essential oils and how they effect the body's chemistry. 

I am pleased to report that after some research I was able to mix a recipe of lavender, peppermint, and lemon that keeps the eczema under control. More importantly, I have found five basic essential oils that my family uses on a weekly basis. These are always in my cupboard and cover a variety of uses. Plus, these five essential oils are safe for use on children over the age of one. While this list is helpful, I always encourage essential oil users to research every oil before personal use. So without further ado, here are my.. 

Top Five Must Have Essential Oils: 

1. Peppermint - This essential oil is always in my stockpile, plus this is always made into a peppermint lotion for any in my family to use. Peppermint is used for upset stomach, nausea, congestion, insomnia, and some pain relief. Peppermint lotion can be rubbed into the affected area as many times as needed. Peppermint cannot be used in children younger than one or those with a depressed respiratory system. 


2. Lavender - This essential oil is soothing to people of all sizes and can be used as a calming agent. More importantly lavender is a powerful pain relief essential oil. I keep lavender on hand when my children are suffering from ear aches. A little lavender rubbed right by the ear canal entrance can erase pain in minutes. Lavender oil is a pain specialist in managing arthritis pain also. An application of warmed lavender oil mixed with coconut oil can bring soothing relief. 


3. Lemon - Oil is the cleaner oil of the whole bunch. Known for its microbial properties, Lemon can be used to clean surfaces to kill germs. It can also be used right behind the ear with strokes down the neck to help clear fluid build up from ear infections. Lemon can also be used for minor skin infections as the oil can kill bacteria on site. 


4. Orange - I love orange! This essential oil can really perk you up if you are having a hard start to your day. Orange is also a wonderful first line of defense for the skin. Orange lotion can hydrate to plump cells, keep skin health and glowing, and repair damage to skin cells. Use orange oil lotion if your skin has started recovering from trauma such as cut, scrapes or bruises. It will heal nicely and protect the skin from infection. 


5. Thieves Blend - I always have Thieves, or in my case, Fighting Five on hand for illness. This blend is extremely old, accounts dating back to use during the Black Plague. It was said that four thieves invented this blend to protect themselves from illness so they could keep practicing their profession. I like the blend "Fighting Five" by Eden's Garden. It smells like Christmas and can help protect the body from catching pesky viruses such as the cold or flu. Fighting Five eases congestion to help you breath better. Think of Fighting Five or Thieves as a preventative, and wear it mixed with Shea butter as lotion during high outbreak months. 


There you have it. Five essential oils that should be in every cupboard to cover a multitude of uses. Happy blending and be sure to mix your oil with a base oil to provide safe use. Coconut oil or Shea butter are two of my favorites with added skin benefits. 

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The Five Oils Essential in Any Home
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