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The Disabled Girl

About Special Powers Known as "Disabilities"

Here she is!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Nia. Nia was born with special powers known as "disabilities" which no one seemed to accept and/or understand. Therefore, poor Nia decided to keep these powers bottled up which took so much effort that she barely spoke for the first 16 years of her life. Children in school spared no mercy, calling her weird, annoying, a crybaby, and wouldn't let her join in with any fun games they would play. This made Nia very sad and continued throughout school. Then she was transported to a magical kingdom called "college" where she met lots of lovely friends who made her feel like she belonged. However, she was still trying to keep her powers contained which proved harder and harder to do. It got to the point where she tried to kill herself, the effort was so much. 

But, she failed and met with the powerful wizard "counselor" who said, "I declare thee to have bipolar and Asperger syndrome," and just like that, Nia's powers were set free. She is still trying to control them after bottling them up for so long but finally, Nia is happy. She has also met her handsome prince charming whom has his own impressive set of powers himself. She has come to realise that maybe she isn't so strange after all and that people become much more accepting of this as they get older. Now, she uses them to her strength and could thrive against all of the negative thoughts and feelings that she thought came as a package with them. Perhaps she could even join forces with other combinations of powers and instead of regretting her past and the time that she seemed to have wasted, learn from it and live every moment to the fullest. Until the next chapter, she bids thee goodbye. The end.

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The Disabled Girl
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