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The Benefits of Meditating Stressed

Why and How You Should Meditate

A Spiritual Awakening 

These days stress affects more than 70 percent of the entire population. It's an unhealthy and energy draining aspect of adulthood. Imagine all that tension and stress building up and held up inside and the physical impacts that it has on the body. Wether it's your house loan, college debt, credit car, bills, children, marriage, health, environment, job or needs the point is stress is exhausting! Not only is maintaining a healthy diet, regular daily exercise routine of the up-most importance but so is meditation.

Being able to find a quiet place in your mind, home and environment to set aside ten to twenty minutes everyday to meditating is essential. I myself am one of the 70 percent affected by high levels of stress everyday and impacted by it physically. One of the most important things to do is to stop and consider for ourselves  what we can do to release this burden from our body and mind. You may be running around for other people, or for yourself but sometimes we have to stop, and take time to close our eyes, ease our tension, relax, and most of all, breathe.  Meditative breathing helps increase the air flow to the brain and circulates more oxygen through the rest of the body. Not only does it help relieve tension and stress but it helps your blood circulation which has a positive impact on your health.  

The studied science of meditation. What it can do for you.

Theres over 130 found benefits to this practice that has existed for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Meditation is not only good for reliving stress and tension from your body, but its also good for chronic depression, anxiety,  high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, Asthma and more. Meditation has also been proven to help boost the immune system, making for better health and resilience against colds and viruses. Taking the twenty minutes everyday to breath in and breathe out fresh oxygen is one of the best things next to sleeping that you can do for your body every day thats free and easy. 

Finding somewhere quiet, relaxing, and comfortable to clear your mind, release your tension, is good for not only your physical health but your spiritual health as well. Having a peace of minds one of the most rewarding things to maintain alongside all of your daily duties and responsibilities every day. Instead of holding in all that tension day by day meditation is a release for you to breathe away your stress and built up tension.

Meditation helps open up the airways in your body sending more oxygen to your blood and to your blood stream. Making it good for mental clarity as well as, believe it or not, weight loss! Yes, meditation is good for losing weight as the focused energy in your breathing techniques helps you lose weight because it helps you reduce your stress. Reliving that built up stress and tension in your body makes you less susceptible to binge stress eating and lowers your blood pressure. 

Sometimes when you are really stressed you gain unnecessary weight. Wether it's because your bloating from of your stress hormones or an imbalanced diet, or a combination of both meditation along with regular exercise plays one of the key roles of keeping extra weight off. When you set aside the twenty minutes everyday to meditate relieving your body of this tension will not only decrease your urge to binge eat, but also relieves your body helping it to balance itself out. 

Cortisol is a bad hormone in your body that in excess causes you to bloat and gain weight. When you are able to release the stress you have this hormone level will decrease leaving you less susceptible to unnecessary weight gain. Not only  does a good meditation session release good hormones in your body which play positive roles to your well being such as "feel good" hormone oxytocin and serotonin, but it releases endorphins in your brain that help you to relax and feel better  from the everyday grind. The less cortisol you have in your body from stress the less you will bloat and the more energy you will have! 

Why and How You Should Always Meditate

Even if you have managed your stress other ways you should still find the time in your daily every day schedule to meditate. Fitting it into your daily routines is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health. The ability to keep and maintain a clearer trail of thought through everyday ups and down is essential not only a relaxed body but a peaceful mind. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, in many cases habitual mediation can help decrease these as it influences a more positive mind set with the relief of stress and tension that builds up in the body.

Meditation is good for your health, mind, body and spirit. Whether you chose to mediate alone with a partner, or a group of people its a positive habit to fit into your schedule and daily routines. Find a comfortable interruptible and quiet place inside of your home or outside to relax and breathe daily. Choosing dim lighting either with candle light, in the shade or facing away from the light will help you to be most at ease. Turn on guided meditation music, or whatever kind of melodies that you can relax to that will help silence your mind and help you find your quiet place.  Finding a comfortable pillow, yoga mat, or soft ground 

A Guide to Spiritual Healing Meditation for Beginners (to watch a video to guided meditation, skip to the last video below.)

Things to have:

  • Yoga mat/ Pillow
  • Comfortable Attire (Optional) 
  • Candles (Optional)
  • Healing Stones (Optional)
  • Incense, Sage, etc.. (Optional)
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp (Optional) 
  • Timer (Optional)

Find a clear quiet peaceful space with fresh air in or around your home that you know that you will have no distractions. You can chose to wear nothing, comfortable sweats, work out attire, but whatever it is make it comfortable. You can sit on a pillow, a yoga mat, or any flat surface that you find that your body will be the most relaxed on. Lighting candles and incense is optional but a good way to help sooth your senses and find a calmer place in your surroundings and in your mind. Below I will list some playlists from YouTube that you can chose from of many to listen to while you meditate. From the sound of ocean waves crashing, to classical piano music, ancient Egyptian healing meditation music and much more. Below the YouTube videos of guided meditation music there you will find a YouTube video of  guided meditation steps for beginners. 

After finding the song or favorite sound of your choosing to meditate to for the next twenty minutes find your comfort zone and sit with your legs crossed facing a dimly lighted direction or whatever suits you best. If you believe in the celestial/spiritual/physical healing properties of stones you may chose to wear, hold, or surround your self with those that hold the quality of the aim of your meditation. Here are a few examples keeping in mind that some are versatile and go both ways. These stones are good for voiding out negativity, and drawing in positive energy. For healing as well as drawing in positive light for your energies selenite, and clear quartz. Blue lace agate, amethyst and citrine for stress. Angelite, black tourmaline, and fluorite for anxiety. 

Once comfortable with the surroundings and items, if any, relax and close your eyes. Focus in on the sound of the music or the silence around you. There's a practiced technique of breathing known as "Equal Breathing," in this technique you breathe in through your nose for four seconds, and hold for four seconds before releasing your breathe. Below I will share a page that explains this technique as well as many other techniques that you can use for meditation and breathing exercises based upon the one that works best for you and the choosing of your liking. 

Breathing in using the "Equal Breathing" technique or technique of your choice start by closing your eyes and exhaling out all of the stress, tension, worries and anxieties. Listening to the sounds of the music of your choice while your eyes are closed imagine yourself in your positive place and open your mind to the white positive energy to flow into your life and into your body as you breathe deeply. If you chose to carry stones on you during your meditation allow healing and positive energy to flow through them into your body.  As you make room for all positive thoughts and healing energies and the clearing of all negative thoughts and energies keep relaxing each muscle and limb as well as any tension that you may have help up there. Clear your mind of all this negativity and blockages that you may have, and relax. While focusing your energy on positivity repeat your breathing technique of your choosing for twenty minutes. You may also decide to say "Om" 120 times as you meditate which can help you bring more balance to your chakras and your body. Enjoy as you start to over time notice the positive benefits that exercising daily meditation can have on your mind, spirit, and body! Namaste.

Best breathing techniques for mediation and mindfulness

Guided Meditation Music

Video for Guided Meditation Instruction

Studied Facts On Meditation

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The Benefits of Meditating Stressed
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