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The 5 Pillars of Wellness

A Healthy Lifestyle Breakdown

As a health and wellness professional for years, I’ve seen it all. All the shortcuts, the gimmicks, and all the lies that people and companies propose to get you to your ideal wellness goals. I see through these frauds because over time there has been only one true and tried method that works the best. It is a healthy lifestyle which incorporates five pillars that each play a vital role as to how they work in conjunction with one another, and they are as follows...

1. Exercise

The benefits of exercises are undeniable. It has helped people reverse issues requiring medication, improved longevity, improved brain functioning, increased libido, decrease joint pain, increased strength and endurance, reduce stress, the list can keep going. If you are not incorporating exercise of some kind into your lifestyle I suggest starting ASAP. Your body will thank you. I have never met one person that regretted their exercise regimen. Find a mode of exercise that works for you. Whether it’s yoga, powerlifting, playing sports, walking, or cycling etc., there is exercise that fits everyone. Motivation is usually the hardest part. Find a partner or some way to hold you accountable and you will have more success. 

2. Nutrition

What you put into your body might be the most important pillar of all. There is no substitute for proper nutrition. A combination of protein, carbs, fruits and veggies, and good fats/oils are key for well-rounded nutrition. Your body will only function at its peak when all components are present. It has been proven that when foods in these categories are consumed together, the nutrients are better absorbed rather than consumed individually. Find healthy, well rounded, tasty options to fuel your healthy lifestyle. 

3. Stress

Daily stress plays an integral role in our overall well being and happiness. I know when I was a high school teacher and coach I was very stressed some days. Many times that stress would affect me mentally, emotionally, physically, and at times socially. These external sources of stress need to be acknowledged and limited. Stress is also important to manage because it can prevent weight loss and muscle building if the body has too much stress present. Your body will basically say, "this stress is my priority to handle, not other things," and it will employ its efforts to that first. It is also important to have a method of coping or an outlet for the stress so it doesn’t continue to build and toxify your well being. Regular exercise and music therapy are my outlets of choice and also fit perfectly into the five pillars of wellness (wink-wink). 

4. Sleep

This is so important it’s not even funny. Your body cannot properly recover and repair itself without adequate sleep. Everyone is different in how much sleep they require but a general rule of thumb is to get between seven to nine hours per night. Teenagers and athletes usually fall on the higher end of the spectrum, understandably. Also, if you are on an exercise regimen that is taxing, you need this time to heal your muscles properly. Immunity will also decrease as sleep is consistently compromised. You body’s energy and vitality source is basically that of a rechargeable battery. Without your batteries charged you can’t function. Sleep is the charging station for your ongoing life.  

5. Supplements

It is no secret that most people have nutritional gaps and will benefit from adding quality supplements derived from natural sources. Whether you need more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet for your heart and brain, or quick breakfast options for a busy lifestyle like a meal replacement shake, the right supplements will definitely improve your lifestyle. People who work out sometimes take protein, creatine, fat burners, and amino acid supplements just to name a few. They do this because it’s difficult to get the recommended amount of these nutrients from just food alone in order to reach their fitness/body goals. Just like final exams in college require more studying than normal, your body requires more specific nutrients to achieve specific goals. My personal favorite brand of products is Advocare! Highest quality I’ve had, great tasting, and trusted by medical professionals and professional athletes. No illegal substances and what they say is in it is actually in it! Interested in great quality supplements to add value to your lifestyle? Here is the link to my personal Advocare website for products! 

Remember the five pillars of wellness while incorporating each one into your lifestyle and see how much better you feel! Follow me on Instagram @purkeylifestyle, on Facebook as Jon Purkey, on Linkedin as Jonathan Purkey, and Twitter @purkey_jonathan. As always tips are greatly appreciated if you feel I brought you value. Thanks!!

Jonathan Purkey

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The 5 Pillars of Wellness
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