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The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Yoga Fan

These gifts for your favorite yoga fan will help them bend, twist, and turn their way to zen.

Yoga fans are a very unusual crowd, to say the least. They are usually bendy, sometimes spacey, and just a little bit more health conscious than your average person.

Quirky as they are, most people have at least one yogi in their circle of friends. I mean, why wouldn't they? Yoga practitioners are mellow, centered people who also happen to have pretty awesome physiques. 

Going Christmas shopping for your favorite yogis can be a bit tough, especially if you're not one of the people they go to class with. Thankfully, there are surefire gifts for your favorite yoga fans that can help you bring them an amazingly memorable holiday.

EKO Yoga Mat by Manduka

Did you know that yoga mats are actually a major status symbol in certain yoga circles? Manduka mats are known for their excellent quality, their environmentally-friendly make, and for really living up to the teachings of yogis.

This stylish mat is one of the most durable on the market, and will also give them a nice, stylish way to show off their unique yoga flair. It's portable, lightweight, and will get plenty of compliments from friends.

Aura Cork Yoga Mat by Yoloha Yoga

Another environmentally-friendly, yogi-approved mat you can pick up for the yogi in your life comes from Yoloha Yoga. This upscale mat will help your friend stand out among the crowd.

Unlike most other yoga mats that are environmentally-friendly and ethically made, this actually has a pretty design that inspires serenity, while also giving your friend a way to flaunt their individuality.

Peppermint Yoga Mat Detox by Astura

Put yourself in your friend's (lack of) shoes. You just finished a really intense hot yoga session. You roll up your mat, and then you get a whiff of something less than fresh. Gross, right?

In many cases, bacteria buildup can lead to a permafunk that grosses everyone out. Sadly, this is the outcome of many gifts for your favorite yoga fan if you don't give them a way to clean their wares. 

Well, even the most fastidious yogi will have sweat trapped in their mat. This organic mat cleaner will help you reduce odor, clean out sweat, and refresh your mat. Yoga mats need maintenance and upkeep—and this spray will help you keep your mat fresher for longer.

Yoga Mat Tote Bag by Kindfolk

Yoga isn't just about the mats, you know. There's also straps, blocks, cleaning spray, socks, and other goodies that can enhance your practice along the way.

A good yoga bag will help your buddy carry everything to class effortlessly. Your friend should have a bag for all the other accessories, plus a mat. Kindfolk makes a roomy canvas yoga mat bag that comes with a zippered pocket for all your smaller knickknacks.

A Pair of Yoga Straps by Pete's Choice

If you really need to increase your flexibility or add balance, you're going to need to extend your pull beyond what your regular hands can reach. Yoga straps are just what the doctor ordered to help you with those difficult yoga poses for hamstrings.

Pete's Choice makes thick, cotton straps that have adjustable D-ring setups, making it easy to work your body into a variety of different poses. Your friend will love using them.

Knee Pad Cushions by Gaiam

People with bad knees often shy away from yoga, despite the many benefits it can offer. Even the most padded yoga mats seem to flatten out and cause discomfort on your knees, which in turn, make most kneeling poses pretty painful.

Thankfully, Gaiam created a set of knee pad cushions that give you an added level of cushioning where it counts. They don't slip, always grip, and at the same time, never get too sticky.

Generally, yoga poses that relieve pain are among the main reasons people practice. If you're looking for gifts for your favorite yoga fan with bad knees, give them a gift that opens them up to a variety of different poses. Get them knee pads.

Yoga Mat Towel Set by Levoit

Once you've done all your stretching and your twisting, it's time to wipe all that sweat off your forehead and mat. Of course, this isn't always easy to do when you're in the middle of a yoga class.

A good way to wipe down your mat, forehead, and everything else where sweat lives is to grab a hold of this trio of yoga towels. They can double as yoga props, but absorb way more sweat than a typical yoga strap or pillow would.

Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser and Strainer by The Sacred

Anyone who practices yoga regularly can tell you that yoga isn't really just a sport. It's more of a lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle involves taking time to really savor tea.

This portable tea tumbler is made of lightweight borosilicate glass, looks amazing, and also happens to be very easy to clean. Best of all, it already comes with a "gift wrap," a sleeve that can be used to take your tea with you on your way to practice.

7 Chakras Incense by Chakras

Doing yoga is great and all, but let's face it, you work up a sweat when you're doing it. It's hard to reach that state of meditative bliss when you are smelling your sweat dropping from every pore. That's why so many upscale yoga studios burn incense during their practices.

If your friend is a strong believer in chakra realignment and understands that yoga is not for the flexible, but for the willing, then they're going to love getting these beautifully scented sticks for their yogic and meditative practice.

Non-Slip Yoga Socks by Saucey Socks

If your friend isn't always able to tote around a yoga mat, then they may have a problem stretching out on the go. Saucey Socks makes a great solution for them that can be tucked into a regular bag without any issue: yoga socks.

These beautifully designed gripping socks will stay steady on mats, wood, and even tile! Plus, they have cool yoga sayings in every design, and even stay comfortable in hot yoga. Few affordable gifts for your favorite yoga fan will be as chic—or as portable.

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