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Telling People I Am Allergic to Gluten

And Why It Sucks...

*This post is not about Gluten or explaining anything about the condition. This is about how people, who know about my allergy, treat me.*

I have Celiac Disease. I am allergic to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat products. And I hate letting people know. Having a gluten allergy has only just become scientifically acknowledged and not a lot of people know what gluten even is. Which is fine, but some people love to remind me that having celiac is rare. Yeah, I know, I have it.

It's always awkward for me to have to tell people, "Oh, I'm allergic, thank you anyways" and have to inform my server. It's even more frustrating constantly having to ask "Is this gluten-free?" or "Do you offer any gluten-free products?" or "Do you have a gluten-free menu?" One time, I asked a manager if they had a gf menu, and they said no. So I asked if they could tell me what had gluten in it and what would be safe for me. She literally Google searched "gluten" on her phone right in front of me and began telling me the obvious things I know I can't eat... I just needed to know if they add flour to their sauces or soups to make them thicker, sheesh. 

Everyone around me thinks it's a joke, not real, or I am doing it because apparently it is a hot trend right now. And that doesn't even make sense because going gluten free is unhealthy.

My blood sugar is hard to keep up with now, I am malnourished because I'm missing out on a big protein and other nutrients, and I have to take daily supplements and avoiding gluten is not easy... It's like soy, it's in everything. Not to mention, if you're not careful, gluten free products are twice the amount of carbs and sugar OR they aren't actually gluten free.

Anyways... I hate going out to eat with people outside my family or my boyfriend. People are really not that considerate or are just plain ignorant. I know it may seem a little much, but there have been a couple times where someone makes me cry. Because I am allergic to something out of my control. People can really just make me feel like a huge inconvenience, which I acknowledge that it does, but still. Some have even complained that we can't go to certain places all because of me. One friend even huffed and puffed and obviously was in a bad mood because we couldn't go where he wanted and made the whole night uncomfortable for the entire group of people I was with.

Other times, the same people will constantly offer me something I obviously cannot eat, even after repeatedly explaining my condition. Often times, the people making plans with me do not care if I can eat. That feels horrible and is usually when I really feel upset about this illness. 

There are plenty of delicious gluten free desserts and substitutes, besides bread. No one has figured out how to make good gf bread yet, but they got cookies and pizza down! But no, in all seriousness, I really freaking miss a normal cheeseburger. (I was misdiagnosed for years before finding out the whole time I was allergic to gluten. That is another story, stay tuned.) I miss donuts and soft baked cookies and pizza not made out of cauliflower. Today, those things are not worth the suffering but I miss those fluffy foods. Guys, even ice-cream is not gluten free. 

Now, I just order salad if I can't eat, without saying anything about gluten. I just keep my allergy to myself because I am so sick of being ignored and uncared for. Like seriously, I should be comfortable about this with and without my friends or just other people I don't know that well.

Another thing. I am constantly up-charged $3-$6 for the same food just because I have to get it gluten free. The freaking disease, and the ignorance of others, are hard enough, thanks.

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Telling People I Am Allergic to Gluten
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