Yoga and meditation are essential in living a health and wellness lifestyle. Longevity highlights yoga poses, celebrities, trends, and fads.

Mackenzie Lu2 years ago
Vinyasa Yoga for Weight Loss
Sometimes referred to as dynamic yoga or flowing yoga, Vinyasa yoga is a popular type of yoga in which you move from pose to pose without breaking the flow. While yoga is generally thought of as a rel...
Samantha Bentley2 years ago
How Yoga Changed My Life
Yoga changed my life. Yes, I’m going to say the cliché thing that you read on pamphlets outside of your local yoga studio. Someone with a fake name did yoga once and felt spiritually, physically, and ...
Mackenzie Lu3 years ago
Best Yoga Essentials
What do a downward facing dog and a camel have in common? They are both poses that every yogi has mastered. Yet for beginners, these poses just sound like animals that have nothing to do with yoga. Ch...
Mackenzie Lu4 years ago
Best Yogi Instagrams
Whether you’re looking for inspiration, instructional videos, or just some good old fashioned yoga fun, these yogi Instagrams will make a great addition to your feed. We’ve known it for a while now—yo...
Jus L'amore4 years ago
Funny Yoga Pick Up Lines
For avid yogis, yoga can be a physical, mental, and spiritual experience which rivals the feelings you may have during sex, thanks to the release of those happy little endorphins. Since both intimacy ...