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Inspirational and healthy ways to lose weight.

Paisley Hansen4 days ago
Keep It Interesting to Keep in Shape
Have you noticed lately that everywhere you turn there are advertisements for the newest, latest, best diet available? They all promise that if you do this or do that you will lose weight fast and loo...
Kate George9 days ago
9 Foods that Help You Lose Weight
As of 2016, the world population of overweight and obese people was 1.9 billion, which is three times more than the population of overweight people in 1975. 160 million people out of this global popul...
Sarah Tedesco12 days ago
What I'm Doing to Get Ready for My Vacation
**DISCLAIMER** Every body is beautiful. Every body is perfect. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to look. None of the things I say in this article mean to sound as though I'm putting down anyone else...
Andy Bell13 days ago
9 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid
Are you on a weight loss journey? Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, but somehow your goal weight seems like a distant thing? Are you waiting for things to get better, but in vain? Well, ...
Freddy Wong17 days ago
9 Muscle Myths Debunked
You need to add an element of strength training into your fitness routine if you want to see real weight loss. Check these widespread muscle myths.
Vivian Hearta month ago
Weight Loss
Weight loss is a multibillion dollar a year industry. Full of diet fads and false promises of getting fit fast with little to no effort. The illusion of ultimate health without good habits being sold ...
Ash Maya month ago
What Affects Weight Loss Other than Diet and Exercise
Aside from diet and exercise, there are two major factors which will influence the process of your weight loss or the way you hold on to body fat. Being aware of these is extremely important, as they ...
Naima a month ago
My Weight Loss Journey
Hi, my name is Naima. For the past four years, my weight has changed drastically. I've always been the average size for my height and I worked out three times a week during my teen years to stay in sh...
Michelle Frank2 months ago
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 11)
I began working at the beginning of March, and this part of the challenge story reflects the difficulties I have had trying to balance my new job (Home Care for Maine, doing in home care for the elder...
Layla Elkassih3 months ago
From 150lbs to 115lbs
You need this to start with:
Body Image
What is your first memory of yourself? Let's go back in time for a moment, to the first time you remember, for whatever reason, disliking something about your body? For me, my very first memory of bod...
Kendra Cody3 months ago
My Inner Thick Chick Chronicles
Hi, my name is Kendra Cody. I am 30 years old. I have four beautiful children, who I love and a wonderful husband. We've been happily married for seven years. I'm a certified medical assistant, and I'...
"Why Am I Not Losing Weight?"
First of all, if you are not seeing the results you were hoping for at first, DO NOT PANIC! I suggest using both the scale and a measuring tape to see exactly how much progress you're making. Sometime...
Tim Smith3 months ago
The Key to Weight Loss
Weight loss is a funny thing. Everyone wants to do it, yet only a small proportion know how to do it, and even more, how to do it without unreasonable struggle. Hey, in this day and age where fast foo...
Michelle Frank3 months ago
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 10)
During this stretch of days, you will notice that there was almost a week of no exercise. This was due to coming down sick with the cold bug that has been running rampant in my area. For me, it starte...
Nessy Writes4 months ago
What I Learnt from Losing 12kg of Body Weight in Six Weeks
To give you guys a little bit of perspective, the picture above was me, but about five or 6kg heavier than the final weight I would be. Now this story of weight loss occurred about two and a half year...
Michelle Frank4 months ago
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 9)
Instead of posting a weeks worth of daily updates, I stretched it out a little bit this time by doing 15 days worth. My exercises have become pretty consistent, however, I will be trying to switch the...
Naima Elmi4 months ago
Why I'm Not on a Diet!
Some of us have very complex relationships with food but many of us do not talk about it enough. We never talk about why someone is either under or over the recommended weight for their height. I woul...