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Inspirational and healthy ways to lose weight.

MK Bell18 hours ago
Getting Healthy Hurts
There were things nobody told me about burning fat. Not my friends, not my family, and certainly not the woman smiling out of that before and after photo, unrecognizeable compared to the person she us...
Jennifer Cypert9 days ago
33 Pounds and Counting
Hi! My name is Jennifer and this is my journey to a healthier me. I say journey because being healthy should never stop. This is my story of how it began. My hope is that I can inspire and motivate yo...
HR H.13 days ago
Losing Weight
Trying to lose weight is hard, and a lot of people know that. It doesn’t help that there is a good amount of conflicting advice out there. I once listened to an ad that said orange juice, bread, and b...
Geneva Al-Kaptan2 months ago
Psychology Behind 130lbs Weight Loss
Psychology Behind 130lbs Weight Loss
Ashlee Greenlee2 months ago
The Scale Doesn't Tell the Whole Story
As a certified personal trainer, I encounter a lot of people who are just beginning their fitness journeys. Before we begin any sort of training, I ask questions about each person's health history, cu...
Iria Vasquez-Paez2 months ago
How to Lose Weight
It is essential to losing weight slowly, not quickly. To lose weight too fast can signal impending diabetes, often called pre-diabetes, or having a blood sugar of 100-120. Most normal humans have bloo...
Katherine Loughery2 months ago
All Natural Food Finds
Obesity seems to continue to be a major issue in society these days, and I'm seeing a lot more overweight children than when I was growing up. Children eat what is given to them, and if the parents ar...
Tony Burt2 months ago
Fat Loss Is Not Complicated
ADHERENCE. Adherence is the single most overlooked tool in weight loss (or any goal for that matter). One day of bad eating will not make you fat, just like eating healthy for one day will not make yo...
Katherine Loughery2 months ago
All Natural Food Finds
There are no gimmicks needed for healthy, lasting weight loss. And there is science behind why it works, and even more behind why people are so heavy today compared to 100 years ago. Think about this....
BRITTANY TUCCI3 months ago
How I Broke Up With Myself to Succeed in Weight Loss
January 1, 2014— “This is it, I’m going on a diet” January 1, 2015— “Seriously, this is the year I’m going to lose weight” January 1, 2016— “Last bite of cake, I’m so losing weight this year” January ...
Laura Playford3 months ago
Tips for Staying Motivated and Keeping on Track with Health and Fitness!
Below are a few tips and steps to take in order to be successful in your health and fitness journey!
Mickey Sigga3 months ago
Plus Size Start
Let's set aside the stigma of the way we LOOK when we are overweight and jump to the fact that it is simply unhealthy. Weight management should not be directly related to how we WISH we look. As every...
Kelsey Lange3 months ago
Best Probiotics for Weight Loss to Look Into
Using probiotics for weight loss has been proven to be successful because it will aid in reducing the amount of calories that are retained, as well as preventing weight gain in the future. Combined wi...
Olympia Pav3 months ago
Weight Loss
Everyone strives for that idea that they have of how they are supposed to look. We turn to weight loss, diets, and gym memberships to help us get to that point. We post pictures of models from magazin...
Lisa Mowery3 months ago
Tips from a Girl 150lbs Later
150lbs?? That's a lot right? Looking back now 9 years later, it doesn't seem possible that I was ever carrying the weight of another human being on top of what I am now. I am 29 yo, and 9 years ago I ...
Denny Elliot3 months ago
How NOT to Encourage Your Friends to Lose Weight
Many people are fighting to lose weight, and there has never been a stronger market for those of us trying to slim down and get healthy. No one will argue that a strong support system is important to ...
Catherine Savard3 months ago
Trying to Lose Weight in 2018
We live in a superficial world, we all know that; a world divided in two categories: beautiful or not. We’re fighting each other to know who’s the sexiest, who’s the one who’s going to win everybody’s...