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Denise Hedley3 months ago
Prisoner of War: War on Opiates
As a life-long learner, I read constantly. I read everything I can get my hands on. As a disabled woman who wants to learn everything there is to know about my conditions, I read some pretty weird shi...
Bobbie Boberts10 months ago
The Living Deaf
Every morning I wake up feeling (as I’m sure many of us do) like a Neanderthal on the dawn of mankind’s leap towards civilisation: slightly groggy, primitive (especially in appearance…), but optimisti...
Lauren Harsh2 years ago
10 Things That Would Improve Autistic Media Representation
The portrayal of autistic people in entertainment can be improved.
Fenty Beauty Opens Room for Discussion About the Makeup Industry
A few months ago, Rihanna, the world-wide popular singer, writer, and actress, released her own makeup brand know as Fenty Beauty, named after herself. Rihanna saw the cries of the market and she answ...
Darryl Richie2 years ago
CalmandStrong: The Connection Speech: 2017
Darryl C. Richie is an inspirational speaker and author looking to inspire with his story of being a two-time cancer survivor. Audiences can expect to hear how he connects his experiences and realities to the digital world of the inFAMOUS video game franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath. Images displayed are from my darkest days while I was dealing with having cancer as a teenager. Also, displaying are images and videos from the inFAMOUS video game franchise. My speech is entitled, “CalmandStron...
Madawna Bristow2 years ago
Dear Drew
Dear Drew, Like so many women my age (no I am not disclosing that information here), I spent my younger days consumed in agonizing adoration of you. You were the pinnacle of beauty, freedom, daisies a...
Jus L'amore2 years ago
Top Slang of '17
Whenever I imagine an older person trying to be cool I envision someone saying "yo yo yo" while they flail and cross their arms like a rapper from the 80's. Except instead of looking like a cool ass h...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
EOS: Fun Flavored Lip Balm Spheres
EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a company that makes unique sphere-shaped lip balms. These lip balms are unique due to their ball shape and are easy to find when thrown into your purse o...
'Black Insomnia' - How Much Is Too Much Caffeine?
According to the National Coffee Association's online survey in 2013, 83 percent of adults in the United States consume coffee. That boils down to roughly three cups per person per day - a staggering ...
7 Films You Should Watch If You Like To Run
I think you will enjoy the following films if you like to run.
Alicia Springer3 years ago
Why Older and Wiser Looks Hotter and Hotter
During the past 50 years, with increased life expectancy and the impact of feminism, we've witnessed a sea change in our concepts of sexuality, motherhood, and age-appropriate behavior. Feminist Molly...
Anne St. Marie3 years ago
Forget Pokémon Go, Fitocracy is the Fitness RPG Site You Never Knew You Wanted
Has your Pokémon Go gotten up and gone? Are you tired of endlessly hiking the harsh (and occasionally paved) terrain in search of both rare Pokémon and getting swole, but finding neither? Still, if yo...
Banji Ganchrow3 years ago
Positive Effects of a Horrible Lifestyle
Life is full of vices. If you go through your day, how many things do you do that you could probably do differently or better? Do you park as close as you can to where you need to go or do you give yo...
Banji Ganchrow3 years ago
Most Inspirational Ellen DeGeneres Accomplishments
Ellen DeGeneres is one of a kind. In a time where being yourself was sometimes frowned upon, DeGeneres broke the mold and used her comedy to come out of the closet. This wasn’t the popular thing to du...
James Porterson3 years ago
Worlds Most Expensive Foods
Generations of people have asked themselves the question, "Does money buy happiness?". Well, it may not buy happiness, but it sure can buy you some of the rarest foods on the planet. From beef to pota...
Longevity Staff3 years ago
Best Movies About Aging
People have a lot of hang-ups about aging. For many, it’s a topic that shouldn’t be discussed past a 40th birthday and, in the world of movies, there hasn’t always been incredible representations of t...