mental health

Mental health and psychology are essential in life extension and leading a healthy and happy life.

Jenna Logan2 years ago
I Am an Aspie, Watch Me Script
I Once Thought I Was Just Weird, Now, I See I Am Okay
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 8
Fall into pairs like two ugly fish, too rare for extinction I know, the veins in your hand felt sort of like summer, calm to the touch, on no, and my god how did we survive the paper scars, oh, bless the stars, you said you're sorry Paper scars, Lovedrug.
Everything, is temporary. One of the quickest ways to become hopeful is to remember that. One of the quickest ways to become ungrateful is to forget it. When you have found yourself surrounded by love...
We all hear the saying don't judge until you walked in my shoes. My struggle has been a long one. I don't think anyone has seen my real struggle. Because the struggle is within me not just on the outs...
Kelli Cartrette2 years ago
Schools Not Standing Up For Autism!
This article is about a Father and his autistic son and the schools in Statesville NC. The boy's name is T. Chance. He was diagnosed at age five. His father naturally loves his son very much. His fath...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 7
Ouch, I have lost myself again Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found, Yeah, I think that I might break Lost myself again and I feel unsafe Breathe me, Sia.
Rebecca Sharrock2 years ago
Everyone Wants Happiness
In life, we all seem to desire our own individual things. It may be about money, family, romance, friendships, anything to do with ourselves physically, or an ideal career. However, everything mention...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 6
And everything seems great and everyone is fake No one really knows you Look into their eyes Rip off your disguise Let them see the real you Who I am, smile empty soul.
Sparklle Rainne2 years ago
Severe Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders are frequently misunderstood. When you say "I have anxiety," you'll often be met with the response "everyone gets nervous sometimes!" However, nervousness and anxiety disorders are two very different things. Although everyone with an anxiety disorder experiences different symptoms, here's a small peek into how my anxiety disorder has affected my life throughout the years. When I was a toddler, two customers came into one of my parent's workplaces. I had a small play area in the...
When in Doubt, Write it Out
There are few things I can think of that have helped me over the years more than simply writing out whatever difficulty was going on for me at any given time. Whether by handwriting, typing, or talk-t...
Finding The Strength to Admit You Feel Weak
Don’t let your emotions and self-consciousness get the best of you and cause you to feel like you are not good enough for anything or anyone; there are so many things that you can do to keep from fall...
Kali Shakti2 years ago
Healing Out Loud
My scars are my beauty marks. My hate is what deserves the most care and love. Attention to your wounds seals your leaks. Sealing these leaks empowers your drive toward your supreme fate. Our fate lay...
N M2 years ago
Dyspraxia: I'm Not Clumsy, Inanimate Objects Just Hate Me...
Hello people, I am hopefully going to share some insight into my life as a Dyspraxic. So let's start off with some terminology.
Meg Crane2 years ago
Being Honest About Anxiety Changed My Life
I’ve had anxiety since, well, as far back as I can remember. In the beginning, it was mostly social anxiety; I was terrified of adults and hesitant with other children. It morphed into a Generalized A...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 5
Not alone in forgiving The faithful and the blind Innocence is forsaken I leave 'em all behind And then I see that even angels never die Goodbye Agony, Black Veil Brides. CAMERON'S POV: I was finishing up in therapy, I was supposed to see Doc Foster today but I guess she was busy with a new intake or something because I had been rescheduled and met with one of the therapists. I found out I was being moved to a level three. I walked back to my room, hearing someone sobbing inside. I guess I final...
Beth Gibbons2 years ago
Taking Care of Yourself and Others, Especially as an Empath
One of the most important things we need to do when we are on this Earth is care for ourselves. A lot of people feel as though caring for themselves makes them selfish. It is not selfish to care for y...
Rebecca Gannon2 years ago
Mental Health Shouldn't be a Taboo Subject
I think it's mad that people are slated for talking about what is purely another health condition that you have no control over. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not real. You don't te...
Cheeky Minx2 years ago
PMDD: Catalyst to Awakening?
For the millions of women coping with symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) every month, life can feel like a never-ending challenge. One week, you’re up. Then the next three, you’re rapi...