mental health

Mental health and psychology are essential in life extension and leading a healthy and happy life.

After a Stroke/Brain Injury
Every stroke/brain injury affects survivors differently; some survivors may exhibit aggressive behavior and somewhat of 'split personality.' Others may experience severe sensory/auditory challenges as...
Jenna Logan2 years ago
Helicopter Parent
Today, I want to talk about the label “Helicopter Parent.” It is a label that I cannot stand, but I will wear with pride. It is used a lot, when school staffers discuss ASD parents, who are in constan...
Jenna Logan2 years ago
School Bullying and Autism
In this next part of my series about the struggles of children with High Functioning Autism, I would like to address bullying in school. I would like to thank my fellow Aspie mom, Karen West, for some...
Alva v.Harzi2 years ago
'You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower'. - Amit Ray.
Jenna Logan2 years ago
Friendship and Autism
So, I will be doing a series of articles, about the struggles of those of us with High Functioning Autism. I really want to encourage you to share, to grow the awareness, and promote acceptance. As my...
Nia Davies2 years ago
The Disabled Girl
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Nia. Nia was born with special powers known as "disabilities" which no one seemed to accept and/or understand. Therefore, poor Nia decided to keep these...
Mikayla Appleby2 years ago
Ruler of Your Mind
An iron band feels wrapped around my lungs as my heart pounds against my rib cage. I try to blink through the mist encroaching on the corners of my vision as the grip of anxiety takes hold of me. A wh...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 10
There's too much anger inside me There's too much scarring when I bleed There's too much therapy I need There is no god that I have seen Therapy, Smile Empty Soul.
Nicholas Woods2 years ago
Serial Love
Why is it now that everything I have been seeing is a lie? What did I have wrong with me that lead me to believe that the people around me did not exist? My brother called it schizophrenia, a mental d...
Billy Williams2 years ago
Passion exists only to those with a pre-existing ember, smouldering in their core. One of two things can happen: The overbearing weight of our existential impossibility can smother it; or the spiteful...
Ripples, Quakes, and Explosions
Ripples, quakes, and finally an explosion. If I had words to express this, I would speak them aloud, but instead it comes in ripples, quakes, and explosions that begin in my head but move violently th...
Simonex 2 years ago
How to Get Rid of the Depression Trap
The representatives of the beautiful sex are trapped in depression three times more often than the male half of the poopulation. This has its logical explanation based on the psychological, physiologi...
Healthy Sexuality Series
I was walking inside this old decapitated building. As I opened its doors, I noticed it was barely hanging on its hinges. I tiptoed inside, cautious, because of the abandoned state of this building. I...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 9
Give me therapy. I'm a walking travesty But I'm smiling at everything. Therapy... You were never a friend to me And you can keep all your misery. Therapy, All time low.
Jaime Frausto2 years ago
Loneliness is a disease that can't be cured by anyone else but yourself. The disease found me before I could embrace what was before it. I could still remember all those times when I was younger and f...
Jenna Logan2 years ago
I Am an Aspie, Watch Me Script
I Once Thought I Was Just Weird, Now, I See I Am Okay
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 8
Fall into pairs like two ugly fish, too rare for extinction I know, the veins in your hand felt sort of like summer, calm to the touch, on no, and my god how did we survive the paper scars, oh, bless the stars, you said you're sorry Paper scars, Lovedrug.