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Mental health and psychology are essential in life extension and leading a healthy and happy life.

Selective Mutism or Shyness?

Emileigh Moore
in Science

Selective mutism is a social anxiety disorder that causes a person normally capable of speech to be unable to speak in certain situations or around certain people. When it was first discovered in 1877...

How Parents Can Teach Happiness To Kids

Mike Ferry
in Science

When I learned about the "science of happiness" several years ago at an education conference, it changed my life as a teacher and a father. My understanding of both education and parenthood altered fo...

Meditation Tips to Ease Anxiety

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

Anxiety can sometimes seem like some grotesque, irresistible monster that demands of us our life, health, peace of mind, and time. Time most of all. It so often robs us of time and life. Time to breat...

Bullying and Anxiety

Lynne Douglas
in Science

“Just write it,” I tell myself, my hands hovering over my keyboard. I feel as if a physical force has grabbed hold of my wrists, stilling them every time I try to type a sentence. But there’s another ...

Finding Passion

Jared Joffe
in Culture

For most human beings, the majority of life revolves around a consistent routine. We spend the bulk of our days at work, so that we can pay bills and put food on the table. The average person comes ho...

Yoga Poses to Release Stress

Aaliyah Williams
in Culture

If you’ve ever wanted to know the best yoga poses to release stress, then look no further. We’ve compiled this extensive guide for your convenience. With so many fads and products out on the market th...

A Lesson In Embracing Change

Yvonne Glasgow
in Science

Don't lie- we all fear change. Change comes in many forms. Change can be moving, having children, getting or losing a job, getting married, getting divorced, losing a loved one, or just picking a diff...

Health Hacks for a Healthier You

Annie Kiely
in Culture

There are so many ways to improve our health that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Exercise, diet, lifestyle, and emotional health are all important. Getting healthier in every way is a ...

Confucius Says It's Time To Change

Yvonne Glasgow
in How To

One way to better your life and embrace less stress is to learn how to accept change. Change happens in life, but that does not have to be a bad thing! I love change, and you can too! Confucius said w...

Seven Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Yvonne Glasgow
in Culture

How do you feel about yourself? Self-esteem and self-confidence are two things that can make or break a person. We begin developing our self-esteem when we are young. Self-esteem has a lot to do with ...

Five Fun and Healthy Benefits of Owning a Cat

Yvonne Glasgow
in Science

If you've ever owned a cat, you know that they are great pets to have in your life. Unlike a dog, a cat doesn't need constant attention from their person, but they are still there for you when you nee...

4 Common Sleep Problems That Cause Distress

Blendea Lucia
in Science

Little is known about why sleep is essential for good health. It seems that the central nervous system needs a regular period of recuperation from stimulation. However, it is not known why about a thi...

On Breath, Gravity, and Support

Carole Amend
in Humor

How many times have I thought to myself, "Next time, I’ll be more conscious"? Well, another next time is here. This time, it’s my doggie, Amber-girl, my 42-pound gift of sweetness. She’s gonna leave m...

A Quick Glimpse (in the Mirror)

Rekeaux Nyte
in Culture

Wow! I must admit that this has taken me much longer than I anticipated. I've been wondering how I should start my first post. Not sure if I should talk about one of my novels, some of my short storie...

How I Lost Weight Without Intense Exercise

Git Springfeldt
in Culture

I want to tell you a story, my story in fact. I have lost about forty pounds without a lot of exercising, although I did change my diet and mindset.

The Gift of an Introvert

Daniel Reynolds
in Culture

Introverts aren’t bad. Unfortunately for us, society tends to naturally segregate those who decide to spend their time dealing primarily with their own actions and with their own thoughts. This standa...