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Sada Arroz8 days ago
Top 5 Must Haves for Your Meditation Space
Do you ever want to revamp your meditation space? Maybe you're just beginning to get ideas for your sweet surrender? No matter what phase you are in in your journey along peace and enlightenment, ther...
Trinity Lauren13 days ago
.....and breathe. Focusing on your breathing may seem like something that is totally unimportant when life's catastrophic happenings arise. Breathe in through your abdomen. Feel your whole body, not j...
Cody Kost14 days ago
Meditation for the Perpetually Reluctant
There is always a trend with those of us who shuffle around busy and yet aware of what we should be doing; we remark, "oh yeah I'm going to do that." When it comes to things that impact our health on ...
Indigo Soula month ago
The Ultimate Reason Meditation Is The Best Free Medication
Stress reduction is one of the highest most common reason that people learn meditation. Mental, emotional and physical stress causes increased levels of the stress hormone we know as cortisol. Known w...
Sebastien Lacasse3 months ago
Why Everyone Should Meditate
Most people think meditation and they think lotus flowers, Himalayan monks, and chakra points. Aside from all those things being objectively awesome, that couldn’t be farther from the modern reality. ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Daily
Meditation is a practice that has exploded into the mainstream in the last ten years due to the fast spreading wellness movement. But I'm willing to bet there are still quite a few people out there th...
Hannah 🌸4 months ago
Mindfulness Incognito - Counting
Mindfulness is all about being in touch with the present world. This is so useful in testing situations, such as; those that are stressful, anger-inducing, anxiety-inducing, or situations in which you...
Amanda Doyle5 months ago
The Best Relaxation Technique For Your Sign
Everyone needs to relax, but not all of us are so good at it. There are many relaxation techniques that we can use, but sometimes it's hard to pick out which one to try. How will you know what you lik...
r. nuñez5 months ago
Quest of Vision
This disclosure is presented with some foreboding. It is not intended to inspire experimentation without guidance.
Lotus Flower6 months ago
10 Tips for a Successful Meditation Experience
Here are my 10 tips that I use when I go to a group meditation that I have learned with time. It has helped my meditations to be more positive and successful.
Shane Eide6 months ago
Ten Things I Discovered After a Year of Mindfulness
Mindfulness can refer to the act of mindfulness meditation, which involves one actually sitting down and focusing on the breath, to going about one's day fully aware of one's own being, intensely enga...
Milica Markovic7 months ago
The Inner Smile Meditation
I’m often told that I have a friendly and gentle appearance. I suppose I can see what others mean by that, as I always make it a point to smile at anybody who crosses my line of sight while I’m out an...
Paul S. Madar7 months ago
Turning Down the Near Sound
I knew how important it was for me growing up to develop familiarity with silence. I spent hours and hours in nature, in silence, listening outwardly and inwardly, or imitating sounds. I grew to appre...
Kate Samolenko7 months ago
The Story of Mikao Usui – The Founder of Reiki Healing System
Some people may have only recently heard about energy healing and Reiki because of its growing popularity. Not many realise that Reiki energy has been around for at least thousands of years. In fact, ...
Kate Samolenko7 months ago
Reiki Healing Therapy — What Is It?
You might have heard about Reiki before and probably have some understanding of it. That is not surprising, as spiritual practices like Reiki, Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, and many others are growing i...
Topacio Marrero 7 months ago
5 Ways to Make Mindful Moves
In our society everything moves incredibly fast and it's no different with the time we are given. There are so many of us grinding, trying to pack in as much from our To Do list as possible. At times,...
Seth Tyler Black8 months ago
Listening to Your Own Silence
Sometimes the most recognizable form of disruption that we, as humans, register is noise. That noise comes in the form of yelling, stomping, slamming, bar graphs, lists, obligations, financial problem...
Jeffery Paul8 months ago
ASMR: My Top Ten Artists
Have you ever heard someone speak and the tone of their voice gave you “brain tingles?” Does watching something mundane like watching someone draw help you to relax? Does binaural whispering make you ...