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Meditation is essential in finding peace and living a healthy and happy wellness lifestyle. Longevity celebrates meditation guidance and gurus.

How Thinking About Sriracha Sauce Made Me a Happier Person

Bryan Levandowski
in How To

I recently learned of a crazy concept: basking in love. Yes, I realise it sounds like the title of one of those self-help books we love to hate or some a cappella song sung on the final day of a new-a...

Being an Empath

Beth Gibbons
in Culture

My entire life, I felt energies. I was unsure what was going on. I could often walk into a room and immediately pick up who was happy, who was sad, and where any tension was. I grew up thinking I was ...

MediTation Before MediCation

Michael Thielmann
in Science

Having been engaged in the mental health system as a youth and going on to become an addiction/mental health worker myself, I feel I have a duty to share my story in hopes of empowering others who may...

Why We Need To Stop Looking At Medication Negatively

Beth Gibbons
in Science

I have suffered from mental health issues my entire life. In fact, I am certain I suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) even in public school. U...


Justin-James Gignac
in Science

Expectations... We all have them. They're those ideas that float around our mind before being sewn into the soil of our conscious selves. They grow as weeds from this mental earth, strangling our gard...

The Community of You

Roger Wells
in Science

‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.’ - Friedrich Nietzche When it comes to meditation, a lot of people think it is only their mind they're dealing with. So their focu...

Nothing Is Like Bitter Sweet

Lizzy Arrow
in Culture

I wanted to write this today to show people how things can be difficult if one lives with one mental health issue, for me living with it comes with a price. A price that I've regretted when I wasn't t...

Effective Method for Resisting Negativity Through Meditative Practice

Matthew DeWard
in Culture

Every now and then, there comes a time when the negotiations of life take their toll on our minds and consciences. We typically aren't prepared for the negative pessimism which is flung our way, and w...

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Lynn Hall
in Culture

I have had many years experience organising and running many workshops based on spiritual beliefs, philosophies, and practises, ranging from The Celestine Prophecy, Louise Hay, and my own Lighten Up i...

Radical Honesty Challenge

in Culture

Public Service Announcement. TO REALLY BE RATHER THAN TO SEEM. What are you? Really? Who are you? We get so caught up in the matrix that we treat ourselves the same way we treat others. An empty “Good morning self," or worse “It's morning self, you have to live again. No luck peacefully dying in your sleep.” You get up, go through the motions. Watch the things. Eat the things. Clean the parts. See the day. We get so complacent, we miss the small miracles, and frequently when they are noticed, th...

The Story of the Spiral

Niki Galiano
in Culture

The Story of the Spiral Imagine that you live in a world where half of the land is covered with dense, dark dense forest, and the other half is covered with full of sunny, beautiful spaces. These plac...

Self-Care - Millennial Edition

Rachel Benn
in Culture

Let's be real. Lately, every day feels like part II of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." I'm serious. Take a look: Donald Trump, paris agreement/ climate change, please impeach him/ Portland stabbings, London Bridge/ We're all going to drown in sewage See?? It can be hard to process or even enjoy life when you're staring your mortality in the face on a daily basis, and as millennials, with the world in our palms, this is what we often do. Millennials are unique in that how we've grown up,...

Doing What Makes You Happy

Christine Graves
in Culture

What makes you happy? Your kids? Your job? Watching videos of highly intoxicated people try and act normal? Yea, that's pretty funny. But, what really makes you happy? How many people can honestly say...

7 Reasons It Is Healthy to Put Yourself First

Kari Ann Fallon
in Culture

It can be difficult, between work, family and friends, to find time for yourself. You may feel like a bad friend if you don't have time to grab lunch, or you might think you're a bad employee if you d...

Finding Joy

Jodie Andersen
in Entertainment

Your inner voice

Minding the Gap

Caitlin McDonald
in Culture

It was necessary to have a tooth removed recently. My London dentist and I explored the available options and decided that the best way was just to have it out altogether. The extraction became compli...