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Amanda Zylstra5 days ago
Lush Products: My Least Favorite!
I have purchased many different Lush items over the years. All opinions are that of my own based on personal experience. I bought all of these items with my own money. This brand is really hit or miss...
Best Natural Allergy Relief Remedies
Whether you have fall, summer, or indoor allergies, or any combination of the above, the symptoms can be a terrible mood killer. Summer allergies can leave you suffering for the majority of the nice m...
Ninfa Bi13 days ago
The Latest Fitness Trends that Anyone Can Try
To look good, you do not need to undergo complex fitness methods, since being in shape is much simpler than is believed. Fitness creates new trends all the time, adapting to the lifestyle of most peop...
Jus L'amore22 days ago
Worst Drinks for Your Health
We all know water is the healthiest drink for our bodies. We also know it's the least tasty and just like all other things in life, people want, crave, and demand tasty. Queue the beverage cart. With ...
Nat Henle24 days ago
My Top Six Setting Sprays
A good setting spray is the last step in most makeup routines but during the summer months it can become the most important step. Whether you are rocking barely there "no-makeup" makeup, or an intense...
Rowan Marleya month ago
Unhealthy Ingredients in Diet Supplements to Avoid
If you've gone to a dietician, you've probably been warned against diet supplements. However, you probably already know that there are healthy and unhealthy ingredients in diet supplements out there. ...
Riley Reesea month ago
Benefits of Rest Days
"You can sleep when you're dead." Resting is not something our culture really seems to think highly of. In fact, many people tend to assume that people who take time to relax and rest up are lazy. Now...
Carson Kleinmana month ago
Hey, You're Making Me Uncomfortable
The atmosphere inside the gym is intoxicating — but in the best way. Every day when I walk into the gym, I see a whole lot of people, gathered in one place, pushing themselves to new limits. And while...
Rowan Marleya month ago
Natural Ways to Reduce Aging
Humanity has always been fixated on things that reduce aging. What 40-year-old wouldn't want to look (and feel) 20 again? Who hasn't heard about explorers dying to discover the Fountain of Youth? Pere...
Natallie Dobbsa month ago
5 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss
You don't have to change your diet to the extreme.
Jus L'amore2 months ago
Best Apps to Help You Sleep Better
Some people will do anything to sleep, myself included. From natural remedies and oils to meditation and medication, there are hundreds of options promising sleep but delivering very little. So, it on...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
How To Burn More Calories at Work
Good dieters will often work on trying to fit in an extra round of weight training at the gym, or look up how to make healthy food substitutions. These tactics can and do work when it comes to helping...
Rowan Marley2 months ago
Healthy and Positive Ways To Handle Stress
Stress is something that's absolutely terrible for your health, and it can be caused from a ton of different things. It could be that one deadline that is eekeing over your head. It could be the cryin...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Diet Tips That Actually Work
Losing weight is never easy. In fact, you can do a lot of hard work to try to drop the pounds, only to see no effect for months before the scale even tips a lighter weight. The fact is that it takes a...
Jus L'amore3 months ago
30 Things I'm Still Doing In My 30's
If you were to ask me as a teenager what I would be doing at the fine age of 34, I am pretty sure my current situation wouldn't be it. Not that I don't love my life now, because I do, I really do, but...
Sarava Watson3 months ago
16 Things I Learned in 2016
Sometimes, it really is better to just let things go. Holding onto grudges and bitterness and baseless hopes just takes up space in our minds and makes us sad. That's not to say giving up is always th...
Sarava Watson3 months ago
Six Self-Destructive Habits and How to Stop Them
You will live a much happier and fuller life if you learn to break free from these self-destructive habits.