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Ramzy Ibrahim6 months ago
5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep
Want to be more productive and get more done? Well, one of the ways to do so is by improving your sleep. Join us today as we explore five ways to do just that.
Maurice Bernier6 months ago
When Anger Rules Your Day!
Anger! It is such a difficult feeling to deal with. And right now, I am dealing with a great amount of anger. At my age in life, I began to understand some things that I either laughed about or taken ...
Candace Stephens6 months ago
I Took a Nap Everyday for a Week, and Honey, I'm Never Going Back!
As a self-proclaimed addict of self-improvement, I am always on the lookout for new studies, methods, or tools to help me reach my fullest potential (or at least just not feel like an unproductive zom...
Brian Anonymous7 months ago
What the Holidays Taught Me About Life Structure
We all can't anticipate for our vacations or retirement. I'm sure all of us are hard workers and push ourselves every day. That's why we look forward to days of rest and relaxation. Don't get me wrong...
Philip P.7 months ago
New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Body and Mind
It’s the holiday season and time for us to make New Year’s resolutions and set goals for the year ahead in order to improve our health, business, relationships, and our overall well-being. Have you ev...
Hannah Johnson8 months ago
Thoughts from an Insomniac
I started suffering from insomnia around January of this year. I had a lot of personal things going on (going through a tough break up) and sleep became scarce. Unfortunately, this followed me to Flor...
Annie Pilon8 months ago
Calming Artistic Activities
Instead of spending endless hours watching TV, scrolling social media try a few of these calming artistic activities that will clear your mind and relax your busy brain. Sometimes it’s nice to turn of...
Theodora Evans8 months ago
Tea vs. Coffee: Which Will Help You Stay More Awake?
Tea or coffee is a debate that often springs up amongst enthusiasts on either side. Most people have a preference for one drink or the other, although many enjoy both. But, in this busy world we live ...
Alanis Sophia9 months ago
Decluttering: 5 Tips to Get You Started
"Minimalism is all about living with less. This includes less financial burdens such as debt and unnecessary expenses. ... For many minimalists, the philosophy is about getting rid of excess stuff and...
Alex 9 months ago
Living with Less
Living with Less (Minimalism) The Start of a New Adventure Hi, I’m Alex, I’m a student. I’ve never written an article before but here we go.... I’ve just moved in to a shared house with my friends. A ...
Aleesa Rudder10 months ago
Subtly Modern
Today it seems everything is done over your cellphone. Many times I come across a website that requires a verification code through a text, to which I sigh and exit the page. I live down a dead-end ro...
Nekisha McLeod10 months ago
De-clutter Your Life: Tips & Tricks
You often hear the phrase “declutter your life” tossed around when listing ways on how people can be more creative, less stressed, and more organized. It does help in all these aspects of our lives bu...
Matt Junghans10 months ago
Get Fit Quick: 10 Excuses We Tell Ourselves as to Why We Are Not in Shape
LOSE 20lbs in 30 MINUTES WITH THIS PILL!!!!!! That is called a marketing scheme and a lie. LOSE 20lbs IN A FEW WEEKS WITH PROPER DIET AND EXERCISE!!!! That is called the truth and in all seriousness, ...
Owen Lloyd10 months ago
5 Healthy Habits to Supercharge Your Life
These days, people are always looking for ways to be better, to be more efficient, to feel more energetic on a daily basis. Everyone wants to find some type of hack to make life easier. There are a lo...
Outdoorhack 10 months ago
Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Experience the Outdoors More
As we know, in today’s world we are more inclined to sit at home and watch TV or play video games, rather than explore the outdoors. Our society has made it acceptable to sit at home and watch TV or p...
Emma Bayliss10 months ago
Four Simple Ways or Rules to Lose Weight
Over-complicated diets, rigorous exercise regimes and models all over Instagram give us, as women, a complex in more ways than one. To be the perfect mum, colleague, friend, girlfriend, exercise buddy...
Max Baldaufa year ago
Why Hiking Is Shifting Boundaries
More and more, we see people going nuts for nature. People getting outside, traveling far away, taking vacation time from work, to go hiking. Your family, friends, and coworkers. They come back, gener...
Jennifer Lichtia year ago
Living with Type-1 Diabetes
I have type-1 diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was ten years old. I’ve been living with this for 14 years now. It was life changing. In every aspect. How I spent my time, what I ate, what I thought ab...