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12 Reasons to Become a Minimalist
With the recent rise of minimalism, it's easy to view minimalism as just another fad. It can seem like a trendy, transient, millennial topic that doesn't have much significance and might not be around...
Mianna Korben2 days ago
5 Lifestyle Changes You'll Be Thankful for Later in Life
While we are young teenagers we usually don’t think much about the future and the consequences our actions will have at some point. However, as we approach a certain age, we start wondering about the ...
Ginger Curls2 days ago
Insomnia: What Brought Me Here?
It all started when I was very young; going to preschool is when I first remember it happening. The night terrors, the old hag*, being completely frightened and trying to scream, but I was paralyzed. ...
Yasmine Shaban8 days ago
Fancy a Coffee?
Coffee is everywhere! Every corner you turn there's a new pretty coffee shop, a Starbucks, a Costa, or a Pret. Not to mention the choice of actual coffees we have now, different styles, different milk...
Deborah Haddock19 days ago
My Favorite Eco-Friendly Brands
Hey guys what’s up? Feel like making small changes in your life to help save the environment? Here are some brands with a good cause that we should all support and throw our money at rather than the l...
Lidia Kovaca month ago
How I Plan on Going Green in 2020
We all know that the planet is dying. There are a lot of super inspiring people who have gone full no-waste by cutting their trash by 99%. Living in Italy, where the zero waste and ecological culture ...
Chloe McClementsa month ago
Plants That Help You Breathe
The introduction of plants into your home, although isn’t a recent one, is becoming increasingly popular for more than its aesthetics. For centuries plants have been used for a variety of medicinal pu...
Larry Seelya month ago
Unique Ways to Relax and Unwind
Stress is a part of everyday life for most people, no matter where you live or what you do, and it can become overwhelming, and make life difficult to handle. Finding solutions to rid the body and min...
Live a Healthy Life Through a Hygienic Lifestyle!
Health is of the utmost importance for all! Health is precious! Cleanliness is undoubtedly the basic need of humanity. A lifestyle that includes regular hygiene and tidiness can be called one of the b...
Mason Kelleya month ago
Does a Healthy Body Lead to a Healthy Mind?
In today's society people have so much going on in life outside of work, and at work. The things that they have going on can be stressful, and this stress can be positive or negative.
Maliha Anwera month ago
The Benefits of Incorporating a Healthy Lifestyle
"The mind and body are not separate. What affects one affects the other"—Anonymous I came across these lines while scrolling through my social media posts and I couldn't agree more. In order to achiev...
The Importance of Sports Nutrition and Why You Should Consult a Sports Nutritionist
Sports nutrition is the study and routine with regards to nutrition and diet concerning improving anybody's athletic presentation. Successful eating, diet, and nutrition are a significant piece of a c...
Saskia Benz3 months ago
My Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living
From the age of 17, my own "health and fitness journey" has been a compilation of ups, and plenty of downs. From thinking I knew it all when I was 18, and attempting all types of diets, to realising t...
Jade Pulman3 months ago
Improving Your Health One Step at a Time
Sustaining the Longevity of Your Health
Maddie Goody4 months ago
5 Healthy Practices You Can Start Today
Having trouble getting started on being healthy? Do you keep pushing it off until the next day, or next week? Do you not have the time or energy to work on getting fit? Tired of feeling hungry all the...
Kubvoruno Dzimiri4 months ago
Do You Want to Be Healthy? Drink Water!
I love drinking water! I wasn't always this way, but I have grown to love and appreciate the taste of water over the past six and a half—almost seven—years. Growing up, my mom tried to get me into the...
A K E L A4 months ago
Six Weeks Until Summer
Probably most of us have this New Year's resolution list. Few things in that list most likely are something like "go to the gym," "eat more healthy," "prepare summer body." The best thing is that afte...
Kaye M. 5 months ago
Stress-Free Mornings
Several hours of not having anything to write about will give you such a headache. Wrong. Several hours of not writing down words or thoughts will leave you with a jumbled up mess of anxiety in your m...