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Amelia Granta month ago
What Is Physiotherapy and Its Techniques?
Physiotherapy techniques provide ample opportunities for the choice of methods of influence on the body. Modern physiotherapy has a rich arsenal of techniques, but in this area, bordering on alternati...
Jenn Melon2 months ago
Position Sensors: The New Medical Device that Saves Lives
The prevalence of diseases and disorders in the world has been increasing over the years. Medical equipment must continually develop to address this worsening situation. Scientists continue to try to ...
John Ames Birch2 months ago
Health, many people think it means taking care of your body. Taking that gym class or skipping that last donut in an effort to prolong life. People go to school for years to learn the ins and outs of ...
Margaret Minnicks2 months ago
Band-Aids Come in Different Colors to Match Skin Tone
Long ago, everybody had to buy the same color of Band-Aids. That's because they used to come in only one color. Johnson & Johnson manufactured only the soft pink item in 1920. The New Brunswick, New J...
Liam Docherty3 months ago
End the Pain?
We never really know what a situation feels like unless we’re dropped into it. We never truly understand what someone else is going through unless we are put through it. A disturbing thought nonethele...
Paisley Hansen4 months ago
Starting a Medical Technology Company
Starting a medical company is something that is exciting and also scary. It can be a lot of responsibility to be in charge of a company that is delivering products and services to people, especially i...
Carlos Fox4 months ago
Little-Known Career Opportunities in Health Care
Almost everyone knows that healthcare is a booming industry. In fact, it is now considered the largest employer in the US. But what many people do not know, is that you don’t have to be a doctor or a ...
kritika 4 months ago
Five Things That Make Ziqitza Different from Other Emergency Service Providers
There are only a handful of emergency service providers in India. But not all of them are able to provide the services to both rich and poor alike. There is no doubt that even a socially-motivated bus...
David Wyld4 months ago
The Worst Quality Control Fail of All Time
When students ask me in my management classes if I have any career regrets, I don't go into a long rant over the things that coulda/woulda/shoulda happened over the years. No, as a strategic managemen...
Carlos Fox5 months ago
Does Medicare Cover Prescription Drugs?
Getting older isn’t easy and neither is insurance coverage in the United States. It feels as though you need two degrees just to figure out which insurance will cover all of your medication. Medicare ...
Getnada 5 months ago
The Difference Between Non-Acute and Acute Healthcare Settings
Whether you’re one of the approximately 10.3 million adults who gained access to healthcare between January 2012 and June 2014 or a healthcare provider, chances are you’ve heard the word "acute." You ...
The Relationship Between the FDA and the Supplement Industry
In 1993, the New York Times reported that the Food and Drug Administration proposed regulations be set forth to guide or control the vitamin and supplement industry. At that time, the market for suppl...
Leigh Fisher7 months ago
Medicine: "Field" or "Industry?"
“You should get treatment,” I say, though I feel like a hypocrite since there’s no one more skeptical of the medical profession than I am. Papers sit on the table for her blood family and me to see, a...
Iria Vasquez-Paez9 months ago
Disabled People and Abusive Caregivers
Here’s another situation you able-bodied folks do not think about when it comes to disabled people stuck in an abusive situation be it a partner or family. Some people with disabilities put up with th...
WatchMojo 9 months ago
Top 5 Terrifying Big Pharma Facts
Just because it was developed in a lab, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the "Top 5 Terrifying Big Pharma Facts." Let’s get one thing straight...
Philip P.a year ago
The Dark Side of Selling Fast Hope in Medical Devices
Over the past decade, the world has seen an explosion of new research and the invention of medical devices that offer hope to patients who had none before. Market demand is a driving force in the fast...
Philip P.a year ago
Winners and Losers in the Ongoing Fight Against Cancer
Science is constantly evolving and ongoing research is aimed at finding solutions for diagnosing and treating cancer. There are some notable advancements that hopefully will be put to good use in the ...
Advanced Directives for Medical and Financial
Some of the treatments for cancer seem barbaric. These seemingly inhuman treatments, sometimes life-saving, hold some cancers at bay or are responsible for putting some patients in remission of their ...