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Jenna Logan2 years ago
School Bullying and Autism
In this next part of my series about the struggles of children with High Functioning Autism, I would like to address bullying in school. I would like to thank my fellow Aspie mom, Karen West, for some...
Jenna Logan2 years ago
Friendship and Autism
So, I will be doing a series of articles, about the struggles of those of us with High Functioning Autism. I really want to encourage you to share, to grow the awareness, and promote acceptance. As my...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 10
There's too much anger inside me There's too much scarring when I bleed There's too much therapy I need There is no god that I have seen Therapy, Smile Empty Soul.
Billy Williams2 years ago
Passion exists only to those with a pre-existing ember, smouldering in their core. One of two things can happen: The overbearing weight of our existential impossibility can smother it; or the spiteful...
Nathaniel Corns2 years ago
"All Women Experience Dysphoria"
To begin with I have to deliver you a very unfriendly, ugly, in-your-face reminder that the LGBTQ+ community is not an accepting place when you are anything other than homosexual. If you're bisexual y...
Latoya Green2 years ago
Embrace Change
Sometimes the pain we feel inside is like a little bitty caterpillar's metamorphosis yanking at the center of your stomach fighting for a sense of direction trying to guide you where it's hard to see ...
Healthy Sexuality Series
I was walking inside this old decapitated building. As I opened its doors, I noticed it was barely hanging on its hinges. I tiptoed inside, cautious, because of the abandoned state of this building. I...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 9
Give me therapy. I'm a walking travesty But I'm smiling at everything. Therapy... You were never a friend to me And you can keep all your misery. Therapy, All time low.
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 8
Fall into pairs like two ugly fish, too rare for extinction I know, the veins in your hand felt sort of like summer, calm to the touch, on no, and my god how did we survive the paper scars, oh, bless the stars, you said you're sorry Paper scars, Lovedrug.
Everything, is temporary. One of the quickest ways to become hopeful is to remember that. One of the quickest ways to become ungrateful is to forget it. When you have found yourself surrounded by love...
A Definition of "Heroic Measures"
Heroic measures. What do these words mean? In a hospital, when this phrase is heard, it means that if a patient's body tries to quit, a group of people will do everything in their power to keep the pe...
Kelli Cartrette2 years ago
Schools Not Standing Up For Autism!
This article is about a Father and his autistic son and the schools in Statesville NC. The boy's name is T. Chance. He was diagnosed at age five. His father naturally loves his son very much. His fath...
Alva v.Harzi2 years ago
CUSTOMmade LIFEdesign
''The little ones still remember how to use the power of their imagination. They are still engaged in the utilization of their imagination - that is one of the reasons that keeps them so exhilarated.'...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 7
Ouch, I have lost myself again Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found, Yeah, I think that I might break Lost myself again and I feel unsafe Breathe me, Sia.
Rebecca Sharrock2 years ago
Everyone Wants Happiness
In life, we all seem to desire our own individual things. It may be about money, family, romance, friendships, anything to do with ourselves physically, or an ideal career. However, everything mention...
Subjective Proof
This is going to be a tricky topic to even talk about, so I commend your courage in delving into this with me. The rabbit hole is not something outside ourselves that we fall into, but rather the gate...
Kyleigh Baltz2 years ago
Turning Point: Part 6
And everything seems great and everyone is fake No one really knows you Look into their eyes Rip off your disguise Let them see the real you Who I am, smile empty soul.
Sparklle Rainne2 years ago
Severe Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders are frequently misunderstood. When you say "I have anxiety," you'll often be met with the response "everyone gets nervous sometimes!" However, nervousness and anxiety disorders are two very different things. Although everyone with an anxiety disorder experiences different symptoms, here's a small peek into how my anxiety disorder has affected my life throughout the years. When I was a toddler, two customers came into one of my parent's workplaces. I had a small play area in the...