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Emily Frank3 days ago
Selling My Body?
We've all heard the stories of college kids selling plasma to make ends meet; well people, that's my story. Unfortunately, my part time job wasn't cutting it when it came to rent, tuition, groceries, ...
Angel Mann19 days ago
Autism Friends and Family Camp
Being an adult with autism, who is on the higher end of the spectrum as far as independence goes, is a unique experience. Here is how I sometimes try to explain it to people. Imagine that you have a c...
Amy McMillan19 days ago
Deaf Girl in a Noisy World
Hey! Welcome back to another rambling post of mine... As I'm writing this, it is 2:30 AM on a Friday morning. Unfortunately, I'm still suffering from shingles and up late thinking about creative and e...
Kayla Babb23 days ago
Haven't You Heard?
Haven't you heard? I doubt you have. Most haven't. It’s such a rare disease that only one out of five thousand babies are born with this congenital disease. My brother? He’s one of them. John had surg...
Elena Willson2 months ago
Bridging the Gap Between Disabled Rights and Reality
It’s a worrying fact that in 2018, we as a society are still wondering what we can do to help the disabled. On the bright side, at least the public is aware there is much more to be achieved with this...
Katie Pevreall2 months ago
Morrisons Announce Nationwide 'Quiet Hour' to Cater to Needs of Autistic Shoppers
In a bid to create a more welcoming shopping space for those with autism, national UK supermarket Morrisons has pledged to introduce a ‘quieter hour’ every week in all of their stores. Between 9am and...
Alyson Worrell2 months ago
Not Taking Things Personally
Learning to not taking anything personally will and has been the hardest agreement for me to master fully because I am a people pleaser, super emotional, and want to be "good" enough for every single ...
M&B Musings2 months ago
Let There Be Light
The place was akin to a terrestrial purgatory. When I eventually gained the courage to trudge up to the abandoned reception desk and shakily sign my name and the time in a binder with crumpled pages, ...
Taylor DeMott3 months ago
How Cancer Took Over
I was 13 years old when I found out that my dad was sick. Every day it was constantly going to doctor's appointments, getting him what he needed, etc. At first, I didn't think it would be so bad becau...
Max Fisher3 months ago
'If Vaccines Work, Why Is My Unvaccinated Child a Risk to You?' And Other Questions About Vaccines ANSWERED
With Kat Von D announcing to the world that she refuses to vaccinate her future child, there has been lots of hype about the anti-vaxx movement. It's time to stop the misinformation in its tracks. Sit...
Jillian A4 months ago
A Diagnosis Changed My Life
While the title gives the idea I was diagnosed recently, that is far from the case. I have been more or less in denial for nearly five years. When someone thinks autism, they do not believe a nerdy gi...
Marissa Swint5 months ago
Growing Up Sick
Does anyone else hate it when you're sick and someone says something like, "Oh, it's not that bad, it's just a cold, stop complaining!" or anything along those lines? I do! Especially for someone like...
Khi Ellison5 months ago
How I Handle Staring
Staring is something we're all guilty of doing. Hell, even I'm guilty of staring, but I feel as if staring is something we do simply out of curiosity. In my eyes, curiosity never killed the cat... but...
Robert Spencer5 months ago
Are You in Pain or Suffering?
Compassion: Pain, Suffering, and How We Relate
Empathy, Or Em...Pity?
In March 2018, upon invitation through a LinkedIn message, I attended a seminar entitled “Human-Centered Technology: The Human/Tech Paradox” in New York City. The keynote speaker was Concepción Galdón...
Iria Vasquez-Paez5 months ago
Fight the Good Fight
Ableism means that somebody is not taking into account a disability. It is like telling somebody in a wheelchair to get up and walk when they can’t. Or pointing out a person with diabetes’ need for in...
Jennifer Arnold6 months ago
'Celebrating' Autism Awareness Month
April has long been known as Autism Awareness Month and April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day. Since my daughter’s diagnosis years ago, I have been involved in many online support groups, read many ...
Iria Vasquez-Paez6 months ago
On the Eve of April 1st
Welcome to abelism awareness month. Let me refresh some of your disability etiquette. Nobody thinks to treat disabled people as a whole person. They are too busy staring at the wheelchair, the medical...