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The Bouncy Red Ball - A Creative Visualization for Depression
Note: I am a pharmacist and a hypnotherapist. Many people think this is a very strange combination, but truth be told, I was a pharmacist for many years before I became a hypnotherapist. The reason I ...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Herbal Healing – Natural’s Remedy For Winter Cracked, Dry Skin
Herbal ointments, crafted with care from organically cultivated garden herbs and wild harvested herbaceous plants known for their healing properties and medicinal benefits, are inexpensive and easy to...
Christine Graves2 years ago
Doing What Makes You Happy
What makes you happy? Your kids? Your job? Watching videos of highly intoxicated people try and act normal? Yea, that's pretty funny. But, what really makes you happy? How many people can honestly say...
Kari Ann Fallon2 years ago
7 Reasons It Is Healthy to Put Yourself First
It can be difficult, between work, family and friends, to find time for yourself. You may feel like a bad friend if you don't have time to grab lunch, or you might think you're a bad employee if you d...
Laura LaBrie2 years ago
How To Expose Your Stuck-Point and Get Unstuck
Having trouble finishing that inspired project you’re working on? You have a great idea. You sit down and start working on it. You are full of energy and motivation. And then this unsettled feeling cr...
Cheeky Minx2 years ago
The Best MEDS
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD, (no, it's not PMS!) is best defined as a hormonal sensitivity that causes intense, often life-disabling mental and physical symptoms every month in women with ...
Anti-Age Your Brain
The process of aging is characterized by older cells dying, at a faster rate than the creation of new cells. The same holds true for activities that add to our lifelong experience. As we age, it seems...
Sarava Watson2 years ago
16 Things I Learned in 2016
Sometimes, it really is better to just let things go. Holding onto grudges and bitterness and baseless hopes just takes up space in our minds and makes us sad. That's not to say giving up is always th...
Sarava Watson2 years ago
Six Self-Destructive Habits and How to Stop Them
You will live a much happier and fuller life if you learn to break free from these self-destructive habits.
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Telling Someone About Your Depression
Telling someone that you are suffering with depression isn't easy, the judgmental stigma that is attached to mental health, coupled with people's misunderstandings can make talking about it seem like ...
Seller's Choice2 years ago
The 7 Benefits of Houseplants
Whether you live in a dark New York City studio or a modern mansion in LA, every home can benefit from the health and wellness of houseplants. From geometric terrariums to indoor trees, plants have th...
'Perform Your Dutiful Action without Attachment.'
This is posted in our office here at BambooMoves, Forest Hills. I love the conciseness of it and the message it conveys. And it makes perfect sense for it to be a mantra (phrase) for our staff, but re...
Seller's Choice2 years ago
How and Why You Should Clean Your Mattress
In our recent blog posts, we’ve been talking a lot about spring-cleaning. You’ve cleaned over, around, and under your bed—but now it’s time to attack the mattress. When was the last time you cleaned y...
Seller's Choice2 years ago
7 Home Hacks For Silica Gel Packs
If you’ve purchased a new bag, clothing item, pair of shoes, or even something perishable, you may have noticed little packets thrown inside. They read: “Silica Gel, DO NOT EAT, THROW AWAY.” You could...
A M2 years ago
How To Open Your Third Eye
Learning how to open your third eye has never been easier thanks to these simple tips.
5-Minute Turmeric Golden Milk
Forget that we’re registered dietitians and personal trainers always looking to pack nutrients into each bite; when these twin sisters feel especially stressed or run down after not getting a good nig...
Anti-Age Time
Does it feel like the last 10 years flew by as if it were just one year? What happened?! Literally, what actually happened?