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Nikkie Evans2 months ago
TerraGold Plus Helped My Chronic Back Pain. Here's How.
For the entirety of my adult life, I have suffered from chronic pain in my back and neck. The first time I felt the pain was late in my high school career—junior year, I believe. It arrived one day, a...
Michelle Sigur2 months ago
5 Reasons Why You Might Need a CT Scan
When you get sick, injured or hurt, you go to the doctor. While it is possible that the doctor can quickly figure out what the problem is, in many cases a better understanding of the cause of the noti...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
Why a Healthy Gut Should Be Your Priority
Having a healthy gut is vital to your health.
Sally Ann Slight2 months ago
Question to Yogi S.A.S... Any Suggestions for Prostate Cancer?
Yogi S.A.S, reply. Ok, I had cancer of the womb, stay with me. If it's in the prostate it can fall out the same way mine did, easily, as it is a lot harder to remove a cancer in the lung or organs you...
Kayla W.2 months ago
Eat the Ice Cream, Dammit
It's been a while since I've last posted anything here on Vocal. That's because I felt somewhat uninspired. Don't get me wrong, the past three or four weeks have been really good, generally speaking. ...
Isla Wright2 months ago
Benefits of Taking a Magnesium Supplement
Although not as well-known as some other essential minerals, magnesium is still just as important. Research has shown that about 80 percent of adults don’t consume enough magnesium-rich foods, like nu...
Katharin Crewson2 months ago
Vape Culture in North American High Schools
A sudden storm has taken over the teenage lives, by the name of vaporizers, or "vapes." Although it's not just high school kids using them, they run rampant in the schools, and it seems everyone atten...
Denise Hedley2 months ago
Refugee of the Opioid Crisis
I'm a huge advocate for long term opioid treatment. I have to be—I was on Percocet for 9 years following my fibromyalgia trigger event. I fell down some stairs in October 2009 and I've been in pretty ...
Hillary Tailor2 months ago
Treatment of Laceration Repair at Walk-in Clinic
Due to certain reasons sometimes, we use our hands to perform some tiresome tasks, say fixing the roof. You might end up with a cut that can be deep and turn out to be tearing muscles from deep inside...
Jean Luc Lafitte2 months ago
What Are Your Nails and Tongue Trying to Tell You?
When patients come to see me, the first thing I look at is their tongue and nails, this is because what the body shows us outside, is often an early sign of potential problems brewing within. As a chi...
Amelia Grant2 months ago
How Do Dental Problems Lead to Fullness and What to Do with It
The standards of beauty, imposed by fashion, dictate their requirements. Fashion, excessive slimness, and even thinness have been tormenting many girls for several decades. To follow them, many girls ...
Isla Wright2 months ago
Make Your Health a Priority
We all generally acknowledge that our health should be our top priority, because without it, having fun and enjoying life would be impossible. However, in reality, a lot of people don’t quite succeed ...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
Four Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy
Perhaps you keep alternating between feeling sick and depressed. As soon as one thing leaves, the other rears its ugly head. You just can't seem to catch a break. Sometimes, your depression can be lin...
Jade Pulman2 months ago
Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements That Are Actually Beneficial
Due to research on the role of the microbiota, there has been increased interest in health supplements, especially probiotics, and to a lesser extent prebiotics. Traditionally, probiotics are defined ...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Cure Common Sicknesses Naturally
Being sick is never fun and visiting the doctor is not always enjoyable. There are long lines, waiting rooms, and a lot of poking and prodding. The only thing worse than being sick, is going to the do...
Rennia Tivalu2 months ago
My Story! 📝
Hey! I have renal failures, both kidneys failed when I was only 11 years old... I’m now 24 and I’m here to share my story. I’ve been in two kidney transplants, my first kidney was from an unknown dono...
Kylie Simpson2 months ago
Aloe Vera, One of the Most Powerful Plants on Earth and Its Amazing Health Benefits
I have been using aloe vera for a number of years now ever since a member of my family became quite ill and I wanted to find a herbal remedy to help boost our immune system. This is when I came across...
Jade Pulman2 months ago
Natural Ways to Help Your Sick Kids
When your child begins coughing or developing a fever, your natural reaction might be to go to the doctor. However, most common childhood illnesses can be treated with natural remedies from home.