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Carl Hamby2 years ago
Home Grown Healing
I would like to start this article with the question, "Why do we get sick," which was recently posed by the contemporary, Dr. Sebi. While I cannot agree with every aspect of some of his more profound ...
Jen Hall2 years ago
Who Am I Now?
I have always struggled with both physical and mental health problems but in the last two years my physical health has significantly declined. 2016 was a struggle, but I was still able to work in betw...
Baylee Pollard2 years ago
My Health
I want to tell you that I am 16. I will be 17 in a month, like that is relevant. I guess my age is relevant in the sense that I am a teenager and I am dealing with a 60-year-old's problems. I guess we...
Savana Verret2 years ago
5 Tips on How to Cope With Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is one of those "hidden diseases" where you usually can't physically see what's going on, but it's still there. Because of this, doctors tend to write it off as something else or just out...
Milestone Media2 years ago
How to Quit Sugar
Most of us by now know of the destructive tendencies of highly processed and refined sugars. Now the question becomes this: How do I distance myself from sugar? We'll explore three ways to do so today...
Emily Goss2 years ago
Living With CP & Embracing Life as an Artist and Disability Advocate
My name is Emily Beatrice Goss and I am a disabled artist. The last year has been an incredible journey. The summer of 2016 began a new chapter of my life once I received my BA in Performing Arts at B...
Katie H2 years ago
Migraine Girl
A Painful Story
Katie Grooms2 years ago
Abuse of Power and Neglect in the Medical Profession
I’ve been wanting to write an article on the overall invalidation of chronic illness patients for quite awhile, yet in considering this prospect, I was overwhelmed with reservations. What if sharing m...
Taylor Barry2 years ago
The C Word
When I woke up on October 21, 2012, I had no idea that my life was about to change for the worst. Before I begin to tell you my story, we must first go back a couple of years. Seventh grade summer goi...
Kezia Flaherty2 years ago
The Cons of Smoking Cigarettes for Smokers
Smoking cigarettes not only smells bad, but it is just as bad for you. The smell that lingers causing secondhand smoke that they banned from bars and restaurants is something to avoid. Ever wondered j...
emily green2 years ago
What It's Like to Live With POTS
Upon standing, the body naturally disperses your blood to your legs and your belly, which causes low blood pressure because there is less blood flowing back into your heart. In the normal, healthy hum...
Raven Yule2 years ago
What is Type One Diabetes?
I was late this morning. Not because my car broke down, not because my alarm didn't go off. I was late this morning for attempting to avoid hospitalization. Hi, my name is Raven Yule, and I have an au...
Milestone Media2 years ago
What's Wrong With Your Diet?
This article is meant to shed some light on what goes on inside our bodies when we consume sugar and why it's so hard to shake. There will also be some alternative diet suggestions that are fairly sim...
Autistic Geek2 years ago
What Is Autism? Part 2
For some, this can be a heated topic. I will be doing my best to keep this as objective as possible. I have been diagnosed with autism myself and have been thoroughly studying all the different aspect...
Kaitlin Bryant2 years ago
My Thyroid Journey
I was always bigger than the kids my age up till high school. I was an early bloomer what can I say? I wasn't the smallest kid my age weight wise. That all changed the summer going into my freshman ye...
Kevin Armentrout2 years ago
The Science Behind BCAAs
I get asked all the time, “What supplements should I take?” If I have ever talked with you, or you’ve looked around our site, you will see the supplements I always recommend, that I refer to as, the e...
Sick Nick2 years ago
Abscess Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Here is a little short story for you to read. It will make you disgusted and question everything you know about true love. Abscess Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, The Ultimate Story of True Love When peo...
Leann McCoy2 years ago
Living with a Chromosome Disorder
What makes me want to write about my son’s chromosome disorder? At the moment, it’s to bring awareness. While I write this, I just comforted Gray out of a really nasty night terror, which can happen f...